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The White House

Friday, June 29, 2012

Where to Start?

Supposed to be raining, but it wasn’t. It was still chilly so I didn’t want to go out. I started my day by picking spinach. I have a whole bed bolting so I have to process it now. (This is about 1/8 of it).


When the Little's got up they had money burning a hole in their pockets. We went to Freddie’s and they spent every last dime buying really expensive Lego’s. We spent some time building and they had imaginative play for hours.


I took that spinach and made pesto with basil and walnuts, with basil and almonds, with parsley and almonds and with radish greens and almonds. SOOOOO much more to go tomorrow. (The store was out of pine nuts….at $30 per pound!!).


And where are the red tomatoes hiding? Anywhere they want!!!


The onion bed overgrown with weeds…I got it cleaned out. I have so many more to do!


Dad  brought me home some free sawdust.


I wanted to spread it in the muddy chicken pen. I think it will make them happier.


Emily with her Indiana Jones knife.


Twenty-four bags full. We will try to get more and put down another layer.


They were heavy and wet.







We let the little chicks out while will put sawdust in their pen. Hopefully we can get the new fence and net up so they can run free. Caught a raven on top of their little pen trying to get it. Awful creatures!!


This is Emily’s new rabbit, Jessie. She is funny.


Miss Daisy’s haircut isn’t finished, but it’s been raining. Maybe tomorrow.


Don’t you love her eyes?


I love the girl! :) She is such a hard worker…helping me out. Her and I would move to a ranch in Montana if we could. One day we won’t be stuck….and everyday we aren’t free is another day we are resentful.


We picked some cucumbers. Ahhh, now I have to make pickles in the morning. Still so many in the greenhouse.


From the floor you can see all the peppers.



From up above it just looks like plants. They are about 3-feet tall!!


There is so much going on in the greenhouse and gardens. We can’t even keep up. Emily and I talked about tomorrow and we are hoping to get up and make a difference. Gosh, I love it when she is Home and she is so much happier when she is, too. So sad it isn’t always like this.


FlowerLady said...

My goodness Gayle ~ Look at all of that produce in such a short period of time. Your greenhouse in fantastic, you are an inspiration with all that you do.

So glad Emily is back home and tat you are enjoying working together and yes, she has beautiful eyes.

Have a GREAT day today.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Your greenhouse is fab! And Emily has the prettiest eyes ever!

Martha said...

So jealous of your garden! Those tomato plants are HUGE!

Lori Skoog said...

Your garden is off the charts! So are those eyes.

PS - Ariana broke her arm doing a cartwheel.