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The White House

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Feel Good!!

Let’s see….
Today I was starting off with taking Elijah to Community Work Service early after staying up too late. Then Homer called and he had a job for Nick so I got him up. Then I had to wake up the Little Ones to take them with me to take Elijah because Nick had to leave. They were cranky, too, from lack of sleep. Did we learn to go to bed early? No. It’s late and the we’re still up except for Lucas who feel asleep long ago. Summers in Alaska + Burning the Candle at Both Ends= Sometimes Cranky People But Mostly Fun.
Olivia and I picked cucumbers. This is not all that are out there, but it was all we picked today.
I peeled and she scooped the seeds (and wore her patch for me, bless her little heart).
We make Sweet Pickle Sticks. I am frustrated….they were pre-treated with boiling water, but the boiled spice mixture caused them to shrink up. Very disappointed. Hope they taste okay, but still not using this recipe again. (I use a different Googled recipe every time I make something….if you have a recipe you would like to share that would be great). 
Yesterday we were gifted fresh caught in Valdez halibut. We did a deep fried beer batter halibut and it was soooo good (and there is a little more in the freezer). I  am sending  jelly and bread to the man who shared with us.
What bread? Why the carrot raisin bread we made today (two loaves) with last summers carrots that I shred and froze. First time I’ve used them and what a great idea. I’ll be doing the same this year if I have an abundance. Even Emily loved the bread and she’s picky picky. (OMG why didn’t I use those carrots sooner).
So one ankle bracelet off. One child has employment. One child came home for a week. One child learned more cooking skills. One child feel asleep early and isn’t crying.
Life is Good.
Oh…and I got to go to the court house to file another…hmmmm…..8 pages. Guess it's my turn to ruin 1.5 years..... AND tell me what psychological Freudian slip is it for my HEX to mail me a giant brown envelope of legal crap to my Married-to-Him name I haven’t had for five years???? The psychologist in me (my major was Applied Psychology with a focus in Special Education) says either he is clinging to “us” or he is trying to show dominance over me. Either way we got a good laugh over the irony of it all.


FlowerLady said...

Good morning Gayle ~ A nice haul of cukes and so cute to see your helper. The pickles look like they ought to taste great and that bread looks oh so good. I never thought of grating carrots and freezing them to use in bread. What a great idea!

Have a great day.

More love, hugs and prayers, for you and yours,


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Sounds like it was a busy, but productive day. Carrot (or zucchini) bread is always good. That fried halibut looked great and I'd love to try that sometime. Your house is always a bustle of activity. We are gearing up for the next several days to be in the 100's. Ugh. That's too hot - even for me.

Janie said...

You've certainly been busy with all the canning and baking and kid stuff. Life at your house is never dull!

Nancy J said...

those cucumbers look so good, I will email a recipe for using them in a pickle, never fail.Hot days, way too hot for me too.Even when I change it to Celsius, it is too high. Cheers from Jean.