The White House

The White House

Monday, July 2, 2012


I did a horrible job of taking photos today. :(

I like picking strawberries every morning for the kids even if it is only a few. Found a couple ripe tomatoes in that crazy greenhouse, too.


This morning a couple of friends stopped by on their Harley ride. Homer was hauling fill for the “hole”, but stopped to visit. It’s nice to have company.


Andrew moved into our motorhome for awhile while he is between apartments. He works nights and sleeps all day so being at there will prove to be a lot more peaceful. He hauled  out all the junk stuff we had stored in there for the last seven years and Emily went through it. Really? Do we need another 100+ stuffed animals? No!! (but so many are sentimental…from when my Nick was a baby. Geez… I just can’t let anything go).


Homer has hauled about 375 cubic yards of fill for under the garage and we aren’t even close. *sigh* Emily and I worked on Daisy and have her about 2/3  of the way shaved. Lots of work with scissors, but she is comfortable with us. I’m sure at five years old she wouldn’t want a stranger groping at her. This winter I’ll get some electric shears off eBay so it isn’t so much work.

What else? A little weeding and a lot of watering….like two hours worth. This is Em taking a photo of me giving the rhubarb a drink.


We also put the three young ones in the trailer behind the 4-wheeler and went to visit neighbors for a couple hours. It was a good day (but still too short).

Here’s to tomorrow.


Nancy J said...

Will I let Hugh look at this?? He has always,always wanted a Harley.He had an Indian,an AJS, and a Matchless 500 twin. But he still dreams of " MY HARLEY", no harm in dreams.What a great way to visit, with a 4 wheeler and a trailer,Hope the road was smooth. Cheers from Jean.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Your camper is exactly the one I'd like to get some day to travel around the country.