The White House

The White House

Friday, July 13, 2012

List Failure

I forgot to mention that we tried out the new Shave Ice Sisters the other day. The kids loved it, but $3.25 a cup? I wish life wasn’t so expensive!


So my list for Wednesday was long and I accomplished everything except the baking of carrot bread. I felt pretty good about it. My list for Thursday was much shorter and I failed miserably. I just did not feel like doing anything. I lasted about 3 minutes weeding. I did do a lot of watering, but didn’t finish like I should have. I walked by the wood pile like it didn’t exist because really I need to stack and I don’t like stacking. I didn’t even give rocks a thought and I took one look at the lawn and said forget it. Somehow working in this yard didn’t appeal to me so we went to town.

We went to Alaskaland (which has been renamed Pioneer Park, but we don’t call it that) for lunch except the place we were going to eat was closed. Ended up leaving to eat somewhere else that cost too much money and that irritated me. No more restaurants… that money would have bought a couple outfits for school.  At that point I was wishing we had just stayed home. I get grumpy when things don’t run smoothly.



Lucas rode the carousel. There was only one other child, but at $3 a ride I can see why.




They played for a bit and then we went home.





I did coach my soccer game last night and we won. They boys were excited as it was only our second win. Lucas kicking a penalty (hand ball).




On the way home Emily and I saw a huge boat from Cordova. The pilot car guy wasn’t paying attention and hadn’t pulled over to the left yet. A truck wanted to make the light and went along side the boat that was drifting over and almost didn’t make it.


He went to the left because he had to drive on the wrong side of the road to keep from hitting the traffic lights.




When we got home we went to visit the neighbor until 11pm and Olivia & Lucas went in his hot tub (Emily stayed home with Nick). It’s noon and I haven’t done a single thing. I am feeling extremely lazy and then I feel guilty because even when my husband is tired or really doesn’t want to do anything he still gets up at 5am and goes to work (six days a week all year long) so that means I need to do my work as well. I would fire me if I were him.

So my list today….

water the vegetable gardens

fertilize everything (done by hand and really takes a long time)

water the new seed (and that is done by hand as well)

weed whack around the beds

mow the lawn

weed whack around the property until my shoulders hurt (it’s an overgrown mess and creating fox tails which are bad for the animals)

go buy the stout beer and make Beer Brine Pickles

soak my calloused cracked feet that hurt so bad with every step (like you wanted to know that!! lol)

do 3 loads of laundry

put 12 rocks by the pool

wash the rocks in the trailer and put them by the pool




Nancy J said...

Your "done list" is great, well done, and never a failure, your list is so long to start with.Yes, eating out is expensive, over here at a cafe, 2 flat whites, 4 things to eat, and about NZ $30 plus. Do you wonder why we take a gas stove(mini type) own eats, and have our lunch/morning tea, at a picnic spot, away from crowds, noisy children, streets with red/green stop/go lights.Love the photo of the Canon in the mirror, what model is it? So many of us bloggers have Canons, that firm should give us discounts all over the world.Cheers from Jean

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Tell Emily I love the photo she took of herself in the rear view mirror. And hey, you deserve a day off once in awhile. Give yourself a break.

Patty said...

Lucas is getting so BIG!
Nice snake around Olivia's neck!~