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The White House

Saturday, July 14, 2012


I got a late start. Truth is I didn’t want to do a darn thing. I set unrealistic goals and am pissed when we don’t achieve them. I wanted to be “done” working on our yard by July 1 to play with kids. Guess I should have said 2016! So I moped and got a late start.
I finished watering and realized I just had to go get some food to feed these kids. Olivia and I went to Sam’s Club. Have you ever done that on a Friday? Stupid. Took us forever. After that we went to Fred Meyer which was even worse. I didn’t know you could put that many people in one store. By the time we got the groceries put away it was 5pm. Tells you what a waste of a day it was!
I trimmed around the beds, but never mowed. I didn’t think I had any back-up gas and I get really pissed when I run out of gas and can’t finish. Turns out there was a can half full, but that was discovered too late. Figures.
Instead my husband and I played in the back hoe while these girls did hair and dressed up.
The top bed is filling in nicely.
So this is Homer. The electric company came through and chewed up everything in the right-of-way. The guy told me they do this once every 9 years. I wanted Homer to tear up the ground so we can rototill it and make a potato bed. Easier said than done. Lots of stumps and clumps. This will take a few years to get cleaned completely.
I rode in the backhoe with him and we had a very brief rain shower.
I don’t know if the photos give you a sense, but it was a pretty big area.
Then I practiced. Have you ever run a backhoe? There are five levers and a foot pedal. I’ve never been so frustrated in my life. I can do a lot of stuff, but apparently this is not one of them. (Homer wanted me to mentioned that I had to learn how to grease the beast before I could run it. Yuck!).
I kept getting it all backwards and got really frustrated (I do NOT accept failure with grace).
So it’s a big mess. He’s going to try and bring home a big rototiller and I’ll see if one of the boys will run it over this area. Doubtful. If they will then I can pick out sticks. Geez, not like we aren’t in the middle of 15 other projects, but sitting in the hoe just the two of us was therapeutic. I guess all our time doesn’t have to be spent wisely as long as we are having a good time.
So the list…. epic fail and I’m okay with that. Tomorrow is another day.
New list….
fertilize everything
√ √ √ 3 loads of laundry
weed 3 beds
√ make Beer Brine Pickles (I did pick up the beer today which was $15 for a six-pack….OMG….I’ll try a different, cheaper beer if we even like these).
√ mow if it isn’t raining and it kind of looks like rain
start packing for camping
move those DAMN rocks (I’m beginning to hate rocks…lol)
THAT’S IT! I’ve done so poorly the last couple of days I don’t want to not do any more than I’m already not doing!!

And how are things around your house?


FlowerLady said...

For the most part, I *don't* make lists, because of the sense of failure if you don't get everything on it done. I like things to be more spontaneous, besides when lists are made things come up to do and there goes your plans.

You look cute in the backhoe. I'm sure I'd be frustrated too trying to learn the gears etc. Glad you two had some alone time together.

We went to SAM's on Monday, it's nice and quiet on that day. We stay away from shopping on weekends as much as possible.

Hope your weekend is a good one.


Nancy J said...

Hi Gayle, that LIST, and you in the digger, Wonderful pics, and yes, sometimes just working together is good, where are you going camping??Love the girls hair, super curls and waves, both so very pretty, and both very attractive, lovely smiles.Cheers from Jean.

Janie said...

The girls sure look cute after their makeover.
I'm impressed that you can operate a backhoe, even if you do run into some glitches along the way!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Pretty cool, running the backhoe. That's something most people would never get a chance to do.

anymommy said...

Your girls are GORGEOUS. My husband can't see straight he's so jealous of your backhoe, but I would never drive that dang thing. You are a brave, brave woman.