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The White House

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Not Sure I Like Lists!!! LOL

So I started out my day with my 19-year old standing at the foot of my bed wanting to know where the van was. Yep. We did some car swapping and forgot to tell him. We need to get this figured out.
So I hit the floor with my lists in mind. I went right out with coffee in hand and worked on the hour of wood. This is the two piles from before…
and this is the pile I did this morning (which my husband isn’t too pleased about because the boys were supposed to cut wood for the last…um…year???
Then I washed my 12 rocks. You know, the 12 that Nick carried over for me. Ones that I could move. I’m quite sure that isn’t what I had in mind when I asked for help. (I wash, roll and wash again. Now they need to got to the pond. I wanted him to move the bigger ones, but I guess I should be happy with this).
Cleaned out the bed and fed the radish greens to Daisy (and replanted with spinach). Then I made radish chips…that wasn’t on the list. :)
Here’s the giant Impatiens. A branch broke off and I stuck it in the dirt. It grew. And now it shades my strawberries.
Do you see the size of that one Impatiens??? That’s insane.
Olivia was swimming while I was working.
Let’s see… after this the four of us went to town to get the feeder fish and went for some pickling supplies. I want to make Beer Brine Pickles, but then I forgot to get the special dark beer so that is for tomorrow. We also hauled that load of water. :)
Isn’t he the cutest?
Oh, I made time to dye the grey out of my hair and then Emily straightened it (my hair is wild curly), made me pluck my eyebrows, put on make-up and change my clothes. She tells me that I can look nice (even when I’m fat) if I want to. I must admit… I did feel better.
There she is with Homer working on the new chicken fence (she’s the slurry maker). Those two are two peas in a pod. The minute he comes home she’s hanging out with Homer. That have a great father/daughter relationship with the same silly sense of humor.
Olivia was back in the pool again while I weeded those three beds at 9-10 at night. (I just couldn’t let it go).
I’m finally getting a few flowers with our crappy summer… now it should freeze.

I won’t do dwarf Impatiens again. Up close there are lots of flowers, but the plants are too small and the bed is yucky looking.

Wave Petunias….
My new vegetable gardens that aren’t doing so hot this year.

These ones are doing pretty good!
Pots on the stairs…photo by Lukey.
Andrew found where Jezebel's nest was. She has been gone all summer… we’ve seen her come into the  yard three times. Emily and Olivia went down to take her eggs away so she’ll stay home. She was so skinny!!
What a mothering instinct. There isn’t a Tom around, but she laid those eggs and has been on them for over two months starving herself. Now that we took them, she’ll check the nest then come home and stay. Last year we found it right away, but this summer we couldn’t. So glad Andrew did.
Olivia wanted a fire and we all ate too many marshmallows. (Not on the list! LOL)
Again, the lettuce went from nothing to too much. We ate a salad tonight, but then I saw aphids on a bunch of it so I’m pulling it all tomorrow. I’ve never had aphids here before…. freaks me out.
Pretty girl (with her sidekick not far behind).
And there they are making fun of me around the fire. I feel pretty ganged up by these two most of the time. LOL
And there she is… my beauty.
So the list. I am way too competitive and was driven by that thing all day. How exhausting!! LOL I washed all those clothes (dried and put away, too). Did four fish tanks, weeded three beds, shopped, chopped, blah, blah, blah (previous post if you are wondering). I did a few extra things, but did not make the carrot bread and you must realize that I considered doing it at midnight just because I didn’t want to “fail”. But here we are at 1:30am…no bread made and I’m going to bed to do it all again tomorrow. 
My son who steals everything from everyone in the house (he calls it borrowing) stole my new t-shirts. Like I have 5 shirts…really…so I bought some plain white tees for Nick to tye dye. I’ve asked about ten times but he’s “always so busy” so Elijah see’s them and just takes them to his room, opens the package and wears one out the door. There are 7 other people that live at this house. Does it not enter his mind to think God didn’t drop them from the sky for him??? Ohhhh…my bitch list is long, but that’s all I’ll share for now.
So how about MY new chore list…since not too many others do chores around here?
one hour splitting wood
weed three flower beds
water everything (because I didn’t tonight…that takes a really long time)
it’s lawn mowing day plus the weed whacker around the beds
√ √ √ 3 more loads of laundry
move 12 rocks to the pool
wash rocks in trailer and put around the pool
√ coach a soccer game of six and seven year olds (and we won!!)

And that’s it ‘cause today was a good day work wise but seriously challenging parent wise (hello…teenagers) and I really just want a vacation from sassy mouths and disrespectfulness.

*edited to add... I hit publish after 1:30am and wake up to it internet frustrates me sometimes!


Nancy J said...

Your list is shorter, flowers stunning, photos great.If you read the post by Jenny at Quilt Skipper, on my blog list, her words on children who grow into adults are so true. I love the last photo of the pool, does it have a little pool at the top that is shallower, and does that water stay warmer?? We have 7.7 C outside, about 44 F, so not cold at all today. Cheers from Jean

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I like the photo of you - very nice and the dye job looks great! Your yard looks wonderful!

Snowbird said...

Woman, you are a workaholic!! But, when you are all done with your chores, maybe you can bop down to San Diego and do something with my back yard!

Patty said...

Gayle, You look great and so does the yard! Impressed as usual!