The White House

The White House

Friday, June 1, 2012


I’m in a pissy mood so I’ll just limit my comments, show you some photos and try to get a better attitude today.

Still can’t believe they are swimming. It’s not warm at all. Such tough kids. :)


Laziness must be a personality trait a person is born with because none of the adults in his life have ever set that example. He’s lost every ounce of freedom and still won’t do anything.




There’s Olivia.


My gardening is falling apart. I can’t seem to get done what needs done with all the other stuff going on. This is adding to my frustration levels.

After Nick tilled this bed I realized that although I had removed the grass last year I never changed out the dirt. I had to shovel a foot wide, 1.5 down and then pack out the clay. Then I packed bucket loads back to fill it in. Sweaty work.


I planted Day Lilies in the bed, but I’m afraid some of them are not going to grow. It was a pretty sad set of roots.


Then I cleaned out the lilac bed, added some dirt and a few rocks. Not too much longer and there will be flowers.


I did the same with the other lilac bush and then that was the end of gardening for the day.


There were a lot of lilac starts in the bed that I pulled out and will try growing new bushes. Or at least I think they are by looking at the leaves. We’ll see.


The afternoon was spent taking my daughters to lunch and shopping. They needed some footwear and got a couple summer outfits. Emily is modeling her new sandals and shirt (not exactly matching the sweats, but you get the idea).


They are shooting the shotgun at Emily’s old pants. Homer saw a show on television about how they make the designer jeans that are full of holes and over-priced.


Lucas was really excited about it.


And no, it did not work. Apparently a much larger shotgun needs to be used.


Nick went riding for several hours and was mud from head to toe when he returned.


Our power was out for three hours yesterday. The bugs came out in full force so we had to go inside.

The day has already started off a bust. Hopefully I can salvage the afternoon. 

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Nancy J said...

How cold is that water?? It still looks very chilly to me, almost icy in fact !! How to rate the quality of a good man? One who cleans the quad after a really exciting, very muddy ride. Well done Nick, you are all ready for the next trip . Cheers from Jean