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The White House

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cellphone Photo Dump

It’s 6:07am and all is quiet. I woke at 4:30am staring at the wall. At 5:00am I investigated the source of Millie’s barking (a wandering yellow lab…that does not please me). At 5:20am I got a cup of coffee. Me, up at this hour, is unheard of. About noon I will regret not going back to bed. I really like to sleep. :)

I did a photo dump of my cellphone. Do you do that? Sometimes I find the oddest moments recorded.

I remember this day. I took Nick and Lucas to lunch at McDonald’s and we went inside. Something I now do maybe twice a year. I remember 17 years ago going here every single day with Nicholas and climbing through those tunnels. Now talking about it makes me gag. Kids are gross. (Lucas is in the bubble, but you can’t see him with the glare).

Lucas in the Play Place

My first rainbow of the summer over town.


Shopping for graduation shoes. The girl does love her shoes.

6th grade graduation shoes

(I’m sure a procrastinator. All the cleaning I could be doing instead of blogging).

Homer and I took Emily to dinner at Pike’s for graduation. That and she got an iPhone.

eating at Pike's

I gave the prime rib sandwich a second chance and mentioned to the waitress how awful it was last time. She must have made sure I had the best cut because it was really good.

Gayle's prime rib sandwhich

Look at the desserts Homer and Emily had. I can’t imagine eating all the sugar. I’m not a sweets person.

Homer's peanut butter dessertEmily's chocolate cake


My dear husband who I hardly ever see. With working such long hours, working on the house/yard and giving attention to our many children there isn’t much left for us.

Dinner at Pike's Landing

Pike’s Landing put in a mini golf course this summer. Isn’t she such a goofy girl? Her and Homer are so silly together you can’t help but laugh at them.

mini golf at Pike's

I finished –4 under par. It was really a fun time.

mini golfing at Pike's

The hair that took forever so she missed the bus and I had to drive her to school. Stunningly beautiful.

ready for 6th grade graduation

Really? I’ve seen toilet planters (which I don’t get), but a urinal? I just can’t imagine having that sitting in my front yard, but to each his own. Lots of people recycle crazy things into planters.

urinal planter

Random  guy on a longboard wearing a skirt pushing himself with a long pole that resembled a paddle. Nick and I thought we were having a Jesus siting.

longboarder in a skirt

Another family outing to Food Factory that we cannot really afford, but since we definitely cannot afford a vacation we like to treat the kids when we can because we all love food. :)

dinner at Food Factory

The other day when we had a girls day shopping for some summer stuff Olivia had a root beer float. She loves them.


Yesterday I took Lucas to get a haircut. I can’t believe it has been so long.

get a haircut

He wanted a Mohawk so I settled for a faux one. Then he had her spray paint it.


What a cutie. I imagine when he gets up he’ll want it gelled right away.


I rained all evening and apparently all night and it is sprinkling now. Everything is wet and working in the yard isn’t happening today. I am frustrated. My flowers have to get planted as they’ve outgrown their pots. Crossing my fingers the rain lets up. My iPhone shows sun, but the skies are telling me differently.

I have piles of stuff everywhere. We all do. We are the most cluttered family I know and while everyone else doesn’t care it drives me crazy. I think today is a good day to clean. I’m quite sure the children in my life will say otherwise.

I think I’m going to join my 5 sleeping children. This is just too early for me.


Lori Skoog said...

sweet memories....

Patty said...

Congrats on Emily's graduation. I also sat at that same McDonalds playland many a time when we lived up at YAK Estates. It really does seem gross to do that now. We rarely go to McDonalds now. Maybe once a year. Funny.