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The White House

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beautiful Sunshine


Yesterday was a beautiful day for working outside. Nick ran the tiller down the ditch bed for me and well as around the little pond. (My hanging baskets already look better than when I tried them a few years ago).

049   050

Emily and I pulled grass along the edge, but I cannot tell a lie. We didn’t get but six feet of the 110-foot bed and gave up. She got bored and my knees hurt so I mowed the ditch instead.

051   052

Elijah split a very small amount of wood. I got permission to take him on an outing and he was supposed to split wood in return for my time (besides clean house it’s about all he can do as he can’t get very far from the house).  It was a start, I suppose, as he normally won’t do anything.


We left at our scheduled time and went to a playground by the skate park.

056   061






We went over to Pioneer Park and back. Emily had the camera ready and was disappointed that the sign ended up in the way. I missed it both times, but apparently Elijah just hops the fence with his bike like it isn’t even there.


Emily walked back while we followed Elijah in the truck. She took some photos along the river.





You can barely see the kayak on the left.



Back at the skate park Elijah played a game of scoot (like horse in basketball, but you do tricks) with some kid. I was impressed with his skills. (The scooter spins around twice before he lands).


Spinning the handle bars.



He won with this trick and even “proved” it. He jumped up and paused at the top before hopping off and landing. Kind of scary because it’s a big drop to concrete on the other side.





Emily thought the guys sitting around on their bikes was funny.



We have to stay out-of-range the entire time we say we are going to and we learned this was too long for the other three. Next time it should probably just be the two of us.

After dinner the day was a bust. The mosquitoes came out and we went inside. I don’t seem to be getting things done like I’d like to be, but I’m one person with a bunch of kids and it just isn’t that easy. Before I know it the day is over.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Elijah has so many talents and so much potential. I always have hope for him.

Janie said...

Looks like a nice park and fun for the kids. I'm glad you got out for awhile to enjoy the nice weather.

Patty said...

Elijah is so grown up looking now Gayle.
Jared had some of his senior pictures taken on that bridge.