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The White House

Monday, June 11, 2012

Got To Get Moving…

My house is a wreck and I can’t seem to get the yard done. Guess I need to move faster…

I wanted to plant Saturday, but couldn’t take the grass. The rain has it growing so quickly. The photos really don’t show just how long it was. And why is it that the trimmer runs out of string when the job is almost done? (That bed it so full of chickweed… I’ll never get it clean!).


After the front I went to the ditch where the grass was literally 10-12 inches in some places. The mower clogged every 10 feet. It was a long process that involved a lot of not so nice words. I do not like wet grass. See the hanging baskets? I’ve got about 12 out. Two are still growing in the greenhouse and a couple more aren’t even planted yet.



Sunday morning it was nice to walk around the corner to a freshly mowed lawn. Made planting so much better.



While I planted Homer fixed the hose on the dump truck and then hauled 5 loads of rock (it’s got wood mixed in we have to clean out, but the price was right). We will finally be able to finish the pool.


This bed has 39 Burgundy Star and White Petunias (I hope). All my tags faded in the sunlight (never occurred to me) and now I’m winging it. I’m not going to be happy if a hot pink one shows up in the middle.


Here are 25 Geraniums. I’ve never done them in a bed before and of course, I got three kinds all mixed up.


This bed holds 82 plants…. Asters, Snapdragons, Giant Stocks and Hybrid Petunias.


This bed is huge and took quite a bit of time. It holds 219 flowers plus 5 hostas that come back each year. There are Stocks, Carnations, Snapdragons, Pansies, Bachelor Buttons, Hybrid Petunias and Nemophilia.


I’ve never grown Cosmos and figure the winds will do them in, but if I like the flower maybe I’ll do them down the fence next year. I got a lot of beds done before the rains started. Would like to have finished.


The vegetables are taking off with all the rain. We’ll be eating spinach soon. I need to move the “clutter” away from the beds. Someday the construction will be done and it will be neat and tidy all the time. (I hope).


100 Impatiens blooming away waiting to be planted.


Aren’t the rocks awesome? I don’t need vacations or fancy jewelry…rocks, gravel, dirt… the simple pleasures.


Some of these are pretty big!


I had a helper for a little while yesterday in between all the swimming she did. Which reminds me I’d better go wash a load of towels.


Cody went out on a fishing boat Saturday for 6 weeks. Trudy brought the car over so Homer could change a belt. He said it was just in time.


There’s Trudy and Asa on the trampoline. Nick ran to get my two from Grandma’s so they could play. Asa ended up spending the night so they should be up and tearing around the house soon.



Well..I’m down to the last couple of flower beds. I’d really like to finish today so I can move on to something else. We’ll see…it’s a soccer practice day.

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Nancy J said...

I am amazed at the flowers, it seems such a short time ago you had so much SNOW!!,the petunias are huge, and once all those other flowers are out, your garden will be full of colour.The pool must be wonderful in really hot days. Cheers from Jean