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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Big Post!


It’s been a few days so a quick catch-up this morning before I attempt to finish my planting.

Thursday Emily had me crimp her hair before she had to leave so we did a photo shoot. It will be better when the flowers are blooming.



(The grass is fine here…how did it grow several more inches by Saturday??)


Thursday night Lucas had a soccer game. I tie a lot of shoes.



Nick and Nick showed up and helped me coach.


Friday night Cody came up to the house with our granddaughter Nevaeh, Trudy and her son Asa. She’s really grown a lot since we last saw her.


Talking to Grandpa.


Auntie Olivia.


While steaks cooked the kids went swimming. Cold doesn’t seem to bother them like it would you and me. (Lucas had already gotten out).


She swims all hours of the day and night practically living in the water.


Great-Grandma Claudia crocheted this for baby.



Cody spent a bunch of time playing basketball with Lucas. Brothers :)


Saturday was Alyeska Track and Field Day. The opening ceremonies had the color guard, singing of the National Anthem by this little girl, prayer and a parade of participants.


Can you see Olivia and Lucas by the black coated mans elbow?


Lucas waiting for his race.


Getting lined up for the 50-meter.


Do you see how he looked at the other runners and veered into the other guys lane? Well, in this heat he got 3rd with a good enough time to go to the finals. That meant 2 hours of sitting in the bleachers waiting for his race.


Olivia waiting for her turn to throw the softball.


Olivia all done. I completely missed it trying to hear the announcements so Lucas didn’t miss his race. I was bummed. Not big on athletics, but excited to get a free t-shirt, medal, water bottle and swimming/skating coupons she was happy to participate. She told me she threw 22-feet. The winner threw 75 feet.


Lucas spent 2 hours telling me how he was going to run like a cheetah and stare at the ribbon.


The winner got a bike, 2nd a scooter and third a huge fancy kite.


He was all smiles.


Then the race started. A couple steps into it he did what most little kids do and looked over to see how fast everyone else was running. Again, he veered into the other lane and tripped on the feet next to him. He did a huge wipe-out and got last place.  His pride was wounded, his heart broken and his hands and knees scraped up. There was a little pissed-off thrown in for good measure. I felt so bad for him.


So we dusted off, gave lots of hugs and kisses and did what anyone would do…went shopping! :) They got cheap flippers and snorkel gear, came home and spent a really long time in the pool while I mowed foot long wet grass and had my own fit-throwing session.

He’ll get ‘em next year.


Nancy J said...

What a great day!! Losing is all a part of growing up, for a child, or an adult, and learning how to accept were there right when he needed you,and shopping,flippers and the pool sound like great therapy, pity about the long grass for you!!! Nevaeh is beautiful, and G Aunt Claudia found the perfect colour for her to crochet.Cheers from Jean

Lori Skoog said...

Emily looks beautiful. What a great day for all of you. The baby has grown so much.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

SO much fun stuff to comment on! Great post! Emily looks gorgeous and she's growing up too fast. The baby is adorable and the crocheted items are so cute. I hope I learn to crochet that good - I'm trying. The races looked fun and I bet next year lucas doesn't look anywhere but straight ahead.

Arizaphale said...

Have been absent for a while so amazed to see how different everything is looking now in the Summer! I used to hate the Sports Carnivals as a kid. School work came so easily to me that it was a shock not to be at the front of the pack! I sympathise with Lucas. Still, we all have to get over it don't we? Hopefully he'll do that faster than I did. I think I was about 24 before I understood that it was all about the participation rather than the blue ribbon :-D Love that amazing sleeping bag and hat crocheted by GG Claudia! It looks so warm and snuggly.

Patty said...

I so miss those days of sitting all day at the meet! Im not kidding, I really do. My niece Maggie did the softball throw as well (oldest division) she did win a bike! Carson and I had to sell tickets at Fred's though, so missed it.
Winning and losing are equally important!