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The White House

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oh My Goodness!!

What a long day we put in. I went to work on the beds in the front right away this morning. I’d like to get the last few finished so I can move on to something else. I got some help out of Nick. He tilled up two beds that just have too many weeds to pull.


Then we went out to the ditch. He re-tilled the area we need to reseed. I thought a spruce tree killed the grass, but we discovered about 50,000 ants so they may be it. This entire area is one giant nest. Any ideas on what to do? I know of some chemicals that will kill them, but I’m afraid of it running into Daisy’s pen when it rains.


While I raked and seeded he mowed the slope of the ditch that I didn’t do the other day. Then he rolled the area while I re-mowed the bottom part. I swear after the other day I am mowing every other day. I even re-did the front around the beds. It grows so fast!


We had soccer practice tonight and I have to admit I was exhausted before we even got there. That was the longest hour ever of running with small people! I had a couple with attitudes that I am not dealing with. I just ignored them until the parents finally addressed it. I am not being paid therefore I am not a babysitter. After practice I let Lucas play for 20 minutes before taking him to join Olivia at Grandma Debbi’s. Thank God she gives me a break. I am so tired.


After visiting with my husband for a little bit I had to water the greenhouse, veggies and flowers. About 2 hours later I was done and here I am at 12:30am. OMG the blood-thirsty mosquitoes. I thought they were going to kill me.

My tomatoes are out of control. Do I trim them? I’m new to this, but I can’t imagine 3 months from now what a mess this will be.


The cucumbers fell over. When I tie them up they will be to the ceiling. I can’t even see the jalapenos and garlic. Poor things.


I cannot wait to pick a strawberry. I have some rhubarb ready (Debbi told me when to pick it as I haven’t done it since I was a kid with my mom), but my scale needs a new battery so I’ll wait another day.


There are lots of little peppers.


While I was at practice my husband got the filter going on the pool as well as the “fountain”. I was all smiles when I pulled in the driveway.


Watering at midnight looks like this…and this is why we love Alaska in the summer.



I got this bed planted today. Moved the perennials and planted marigolds.



Such a beautiful night.


I think I might try to sleep in tomorrow.


Nancy J said...

Your garden is truly FAB!!! Such a lot of work,do your fingers ever get so sore after planting out? The tomatoes, do you remove the laterals, pinch them off with your fingers when they are still small,( little set of leaves between the main stem and a branch?) and only leave the main stem and 3 to 5 leaders, cutting off all other shoots? If they fruit as much as they grow, you will have a bumper crop.I looked up Fairbanks on Google, now I have a much better idea of your climate and the short growing season.we have - 0.2 Celsius at 9.42 p.m.Cheers from Jean in NZ

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Your yard may be a lot of work, but it is BEAUTIFUL. You do such a wonderful job on it. Pinch the tomato plants off at the tops. It will make them bushier on the bottoms.

Patty said...

I read somewhere something about sprinkling cinnamon around ants entrance places into their nests. They carry it back to their nest and it repels them from the smell. Not exactly sure, but I remember reading something like that.
AGAIN, I am so jealous of your greenhouse! It looks great! I want one!
I made jalapeno jelly today.... I will look up rose hip. Going to do Rhubarb jelly too. Later will do raspberries when the berries come in.

Janie said...

Wow, your garden is growing so fast! I'm amazed that you have veggies almost ready to pick.

Anonymous said...

Vinegar is a great way that is relatively harmless to kill ants.

Erin said...

What Nancy J said - you should pinch the suckers or laterals, as she called them. More energy will then go into making tomatoes.

I've just about caught up with all that's been going on up there the last two weeks or so. I loved the pic of you and the soccer player sitting on the field! You should print that for posterity :)


Mama Bean said...

I have heard spreading corn meal around where ants will harvest it kills them when they eat it, and it swells up in their stomachs or something. Haven't tried it myself, though Lord knows we have enough ants around lol