The White House

The White House

Monday, June 25, 2012

Days Fly By

Thursday night was a hot one at the soccer fields. Who is that coach texting while the referee talks to the players? In my defense, the guy talked forever and started the game late.



Lukey played goalie the second half. We lost 2-1. I just can’t get them to push all the way into the net. So many scoring opportunities lost. Is it my coaching or they are all defensive-minded players? (I put way too much thought into rec U8 soccer, that’s for sure).


Some beauty has been breathed into the garden. Hoping things really pop in the next week.


Wish a carnation would bloom already. My zucchini is reviving itself after the rains almost killed it.





Put some Impatiens in pots down the stairs.


Cut back the grass as it was a foot tall on this hill. I think we’ll build a retaining wall with railroad ties and top it with rock. Emily says that would be better than building another bed in case we don’t have enough flowers to fill it. If we have extras we can just fill pots. I like that she is interested in the outcome.


My lawn has a fungus that is spreading rapidly. The second photo happened in one night. I had to apply some nasty fungus chemical which I don’t like doing, but I am going to lose my whole lawn if I don’t. I still might.

We filled the little pool. Not sure what took us so long. There’s actually green outdoor carpet over the black as of last night.


Planted some dahlia to fill in where the daylilies didn’t grow. My roses are about to bloom.



This lilac bush is done, but the other variety is going strong.



Calendula (Emily’s birth month flower) and a Cosmo. This is my first year growing both.



I was going to put little pots in the bike, but this is how Emily thought I should do it. I think she was right. (Got this from Debbi on my wedding day).


Some day I will have a power operated hose reel. Dragging 200ft of hose around is tedious.


Once upon a time there were seven beds. I let them get over-grown. Bad idea. It took me 4.5 hours to clean this up and buckets of sweat (it was 82*).





I still have a lot of clean-up to do, but the flowers are planted!


She needs a new leash so we improvised.


Emily’s Zinnia (that’s what I call them since she decided what to plant down the fence this year).



The wind was blowing them all over the place and it was hard to photograph. We ended up losing power for about an hour.



Can you see Mr. White working on the weed whacker? It broke when I was clearing that mess so I had to do it all by hand. An important piece to the recoil fell off and is lost. Now I will not be able to tidy around the beds today before I mow.



This bank drive me nuts as it is right on the edge of the gardens and looks awful. It once has grass, but it died off. Besides it was difficult to mow. Eventually left to middle will have rock, then a small koi pond, steps to a sitting area with bird feeders and then either grass or rock to finish it to the end (where you can’t see).


Here are the rock.


And here’s how big there are. I’m hoping Nick will be able to move them because it is pretty obvious I can’t.


The forecast calls for rain for at least a week. Not too happy about that…. my flowers won’t bloom in that and rocks won’t get moved, but maybe my messy house can be cleaned. I’m off to mow before it gets started.


Nancy J said...

I am amazed at the growth of all the plants, and the Zinnias are so bright. You have a lot of garden to plant, the little pond is great, do you have to put in new plastic liners each summer? I so like the soccer pics. Cheers from Jean.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Your yard looks spectacular. I don't know how you have the energy to work those grueling hours out there. The flower bike is my favorite!! I would love to come sit in that yard with you.