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The White House

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away….

I know, I shouldn’t complain. There are friends in Tropical Storms right now, but I still am not enjoying the rain.

Yesterday we got some work done around the yard. Nick tilled the bed behind Emily’s “greenhouse” (note it still needs plastic and planted…time is slipping away). Unfortunately we woke up to rain and more rain so I didn’t get to plant. Will probably have to till it again as it it clay and not good soil.


Olivia and I took the 4-wheeler to gather rocks that we washed and then put around the little pond (this is a before shot…the after shot is just more rocks). :)

Nick and I also got 14 big rocks around the pond. I rolled them on to plywood to pressure wash and he hauled them over with the 4-wheeler. Several took both boys to lift. This is going to be a long project to finish. (Homer also got the landscaping material down on the hill, but the rain prevented us from hauling rocks there).        


Isn’t he just a sweetheart? He picked his Mom a bouquet of Daisy’s. Years ago I planted Daisy’s on the corner, but they were too shaded so I started mowing them. This year I haven’t mowed there so he has them to pick. I like that. I tend not to pick my flowers which is rather silly.


When it rains, make jelly. Rose Petal juice, add lemon and the chemical reaction changes the color.        


Add the sugar, boil, pectin and done. Scrape off the foam and jar.        


All those petals, all the cleaning, all the time and what do I have? Eight 1/2 pints of jelly. Olivia said to me “that’s a lot of work for a teeny tiny bit of jelly”. Nothing slips past her! LOL Well, even with all the work it is worth it. It’s heaven in a (small) jar.


So we wrote out the names (gee, big contest, huh? ha-ha) and Lucas drew NancyJ!! Now…can I send jelly to Australia??? I may have to sell one of my children to do so, but that’s okay! :) Nancy…message me your address and I’ll see what I can do about sending  you a teeny tiny bit of jelly!! (My brother will note that his name is not included…. he can just make a point to visit me on one of his trips through Alaska to have some!).


Olivia helped me make applesauce today as well (I used to hate being in the kitchen and now I’ll stay there all day if it means I don’t have to clean up after everyone! My house is close to condemned!). The applesauce is far better than store bought (very baby food like), but man, it took forever and this was all I got. Too much peeling and cutting for me!! Nick could finish that in a couple days.



Lucas had soccer photos and a game tonight. At least the rain stopped although it was still damp and cold. I really got frustrated tonight. I am very competitive and have a hard time when an “athlete” doesn’t follow directions… if they only did what I said we’d have been fine. Then the other problem is they aren’t all athletes. Some are pretty much the opposite. And a bit slow. Some a lot slow so in a sports situation I get irritated when in a different setting I would be understanding. I guess I have a hard time balancing the needs/wants/desires of the athletic kid playing his heart out with those of the kid who has no clue and is doing somersaults during the game. Arrrrgggg!! It puts my team into a position where they are really playing 4 on 6 and it is heart-breaking to watch. I need to take a deep breath before next week and remember this is just for fun. And then make it so.

And we had meatloaf because I could put it in the oven and eat when we got home cold and wet. Elijah had company. Nick is here. I am dying for tomorrow as my Emily is here. She can’t wait either.


Rain for tomorrow as well, but the morning may be good enough to work outside. Elijah has community work service tomorrow so I’ll be up at 7:30am. (omg I usually sleep until 10!!). After tomorrow he should only have a couple more hours until his 50 hours are  up. Funny since the HEX sat in court saying I wasn’t getting it done. I wonder who has been taking him all these months. Oh…wait…that’s me.

Do you know anyone who tells stories over and over in their own head until they believe it to be the truth? I thought so. Me, too.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day. Just like today was! :)


Nancy J said...

Lucas, well done!! You pulled out my name, and " Nancy J" is a nickname, I use it a lot on the net for all sorts of sites, rather than my real name which is Jean, well really it is Anna Jean, and I am in New Zealand.Gayle, there may be all sorts of import or export restrictions, tax duty to pay, and the POSTAGE!! I am thrilled, but would be so happy, if you agree, that Lucas pulls out another name, and this time maybe the lucky lady might just live in USA, or closer to you .The jelly looks a lot like our quince jelly, the colour gets that clear darker colour when it sets.And yes, a huge lot of work for those lovely jars.p.s.( Don't tell Lucas but I had tears when I read my name!!!) Well, he will probably read this .Greetings from Jean or Nancy J.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Meatloaf is one of my favorite meals! You're getting all that rain like we did last year. Then we ended up getting no snow for the winter. Maybe you'll have a mild winter then too for a change. Congrats to Nancy on winning your jelly!