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The White House

Friday, May 4, 2012

Trying So Hard

I’m trying so hard to keep up with everything I want/need/should do, but I’m really just falling further behind. I do believe the month of May is my most stressful month of the year. I’ll be glad to get to June.

Wednesday I spent all day working on the baseball program for that night and yesterday on errands/volleyball/baseball thus several flats of seedlings bit the dust.

This is our rag muffin. Not truly realizing that this is a brush kind of dog she got some mats and was a mess. Yesterday day was her big day at the groomers.


We are all positive they gave us the wrong dog back. This is not cute. This looks like some kind of rat, but it had to be done. I will let her grow out to a puppy cut and then keep it trimmed that length. I must say she isn’t panting miserably anymore so I think she is happy and doesn’t realize how ridiculous she looks.


Emily’s volleyball team was in the championship last night. Unfortunately they lost 3-1 (best out of 5).


She was laughing about how hard she spiked the ball the play before.



And by her smile you can see that it wasn’t devastating in the least! :) She had a really good time playing her first team sport and wants to tryout in Middle School.


Ran the three youngest and the dog 20 minutes home, dropped them off, found Elijah’s baseball gear, ran 20 minutes back to town to meet him at practice, sat at the field for half an hour because the coach was late, practice started so I drove home (20 minutes), 45 minutes later I drove 20 minutes back, practice went on and on and on and I sat there for 35 minutes, another 20 minutes back home and at 10:00 pm I was watering my plant room. Now you know why seedlings must die. (Sometimes it is 15 to town…depends on traffic and how much I speed).

Watching one coach drag the field while the other coach talked to the players was not the high light of my day.


Finished up the baseball program this morning, drank coffee that I bought to send to Tink because I was out of coffee and desperate (man I suck) (I owe you), Charlie the bunny passed away and I don’t want to tell the kids when they get home, I have two hours before I have to drive to town to get Lucas and make copies of the program…. what shall I do? Seed, rake, dishes, laundry, split wood, clean in the yard? Blah! I’ll never get to it all.


FlowerLady said...

I don't think your dog looks like a rat at all, I'd say adorable!!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I'd hate to have to put gas in your car. Ugh, that's a lot of driving back and forth. Sorry about the bunny. :-(

Arizaphale said...

Sorry to hear about the bunny. I think he died of exhaustion watching YOU!!! :-) You're doing a great job.