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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Frozen North

Our weather has taken several steps backwards this week into the teens and 20’s at night and 30’s during the day. We even have had some non-sticking snow flurries. At the game last night we searched to find something positive while we were freezing and we’ve decided that maybe this cold snap killed the mosquitoes and we’ll have a fairly bug free summer.

The game last night started at 6:00pm. Don’t let the sun fool you. It was 34* and windy. At the end of three hours I couldn’t feel my toes. I haven’t been that chilled in a very long time. The boys looked miserable.

Elijah making the tag at home.


He wasn’t as strong at bat as the last two games, but he still scored two runs. He is very fast and good at stealing bases.


Here he stole second.


He was catcher again and did a fantastic job behind the plate.


I included this photo to show the wind…see the flag on the top left?


Elijah throwing down to second…


…perfect placement…


…and the runner was out.


Here’s another steal to third. You can read the article and see this slide from a different angle in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.


Emily is also in her last week of volleyball. Here she is serving the ball on Monday.


I missed Tuesday’s games. Nick and I were splitting a cord of wood and I lost track of time. I’d take a photo to show you, but it’s 22* outside so I’m staying in here! Here she is last night. Watched Emily’s team win again (they are in the championship today) and then ran to baseball. We sure are busy!


Anyone complaining about it being too hot where they are at STOP IT. Being too cold is much worse.

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Arizaphale said...

Those action shots of Elijah are amazing!!!! Great job!