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Monday, April 30, 2012

A Whole Week?

I can’t believe it has been an entire week since I’ve blogged. I guess I just can’t keep up with everything.

I think Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday were my typical deal with drama stuff and I survived!

Friday was a good day…or at least I was in a really good mood! Even with having to go to a court hearing. At least it was quick. Friday night I watched Elijah’s practice and froze. I was chilled to the bone until I went to bed.


Which was pretty late because I was sitting outside the Patty Center at UAF waiting for the Macklemore concert to get over. I won tickets earlier in the day for the boys to go see a rapper out of Seattle. They said it was far better than the last concert at the Carlson Center.


Saturday was Elijah’s first High School baseball game of the season (and ever!). After getting him on the bus and the Wee People dropped off to Grandma Debbi (she’s a lifesaver!), Nick and I headed to Delta Jct. which is 108 miles from our house.

They played a double-header losing the first conference game 8-5 and winning the second non-conference game 11-3. (Not good to lose the one that counts).

Elijah started the first game as catcher and was amazing. (He played left and center field during the second game).  Hard to believe just 9 months ago he couldn’t walk.


The intensity of his efforts make me so proud.




He’s also a very strong batter in the third position. Yes, he pants are six sizes too small. The new uniforms aren’t in yet so this is old stuff they found in a closet at the school. The jersey’s had to be straight from the 80’s.



He had some singles, a double and a triple that could have been a home run, but as you can see he catches the guy in front of him. He is big and fast!


On the drive home we stopped for a few photos of the Tanana River and mountain range.



The mountains really are quite a sight.


Nick too a photo of Birch Lake on the fly. It’s still cover in rotting ice.


I think I could have slept all day Sunday after that drive and 5 hours at the field, but there is too much to do. The day was hot and sunny so it was an outside day. I spent hours in the greenhouse watering and cleaning up.


I planted onions down the front of the tomatoes. I read they are good companion plants.


The truck was loaded with garbage from the chicken pen so now I have no excuses (except time) to go and rake it.


Granma Claudia and Papa Doug were in town from Oregon on their way to Council for the summer. This is a four generation photo of Claudia, her son Homer, his son Cody and Cody’s daughter Nevaeh.


We see the folks twice a year when they are going through town and this is the 2nd or 3rd year in a row that Emily hasn’t gotten to see them. She was at the HEX’s house and hell would freeze over before he’d allow her to spend one extra second with her mom/family. She wasn’t allowed to spend an hour at Nick’s birthday party nor allowed to take an hour go to the hospital to see Nevaeh when she was born…. the list of things she has missed out on is long and she’s old enough to see, remember and be bitter over it. Even though that anger isn’t directed at me it still makes me sad for my daughter.

Lucas got birthday presents from Granma and Papa. He was thrilled.  Can you see Cody, Homer, Andrew, Claudia, Lucas, Olivia and Asa? Poor Miss Em. :(




Nevaeh come out into the fresh air for a little bit, but then we moved inside. Unfortunately the hot sunny day turned to cloudy and cold. It is sprinkling this morning.


There used to be a Spruce tree in the pen to the left that was killed by bugs and cut down. It dropped needles that killed the grass. I was curious if I could till the dirt to reseed that area. Cody checked it out and I can. Another project for me!


Trudy talking to Daisy.


The chickens were really enjoying the sunshine. Not so much the rain.




Nick, Cody and Trudy. Fun to watch the boys together…it’s like they are all young again riding bikes and  hitting hockey pucks. I miss those times.


Poor Homer was so tired. I really wish he had two days a week off.


I used my splitter to get some wood. It seems the ax is broken. Cody got a fire going and we roasted some marshmallows. The three younger kids spent a lot of time on the trampoline. You can see Andrew’s girlfriend Bethany and Papa Doug at the fire.


Cody trying out Homer’s unicycle. Elijah did, too, and found it wasn’t as easy as he thought. First time I’ve seen him try something and not be instantly successful.


Holy smokes I am wiped out after this past week and yesterday. I’d like to curl up in bed all day, but it’s not possible. In fact, I’ll never get to half of what is on my to-do list. I seem to fall further behind every day!! Time to get busy!!


sue in mexico mo said...

Nice to see the snow is gone. What does "Council for the summer" mean?

sandy said...

That is so great having everyone together like that,,time goes by so fast !!!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Elijah is an amazing athlete. If he could just channel all his passion into sports in a positive way, he'd be a superstar! Loved the campfire. Looks like it was a super busy week.

Martha in PA said...

Glad everything is okay. I look for your updates!
Your shots of Elijah are great. It is great that he has the outlet of sports!
I love the generational picture!
The campfire looks so inviting. It's been a while since I sat around a fire!

Have a good week and take care!

Janie said...

YOu have had a busy week! I'm glad to see Elijah is back to playing sports.