The White House

The White House

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Long Day

After finishing up the baseball program in the morning I went out to the greenhouse/yard to do some work. The sun was actually out and it was comfortable working temperatures.

I had watered the night before. In less than 12 hours the garlic came up and grew 3 inches! I’ve never grown garlic and I just couldn’t believe it.


My tomato plants have buds. :)


Onions popped out overnight as well. Amazing what a little water will do.


The cantaloupe are going crazy. My hubby better bring my trellis home soon.


The peppers are taking off as well. Last year they were so small. Now I realize it was the late start and these are going to be too close together if they keep growing at this rate.


Flowers make me feel warm inside. Red Impatiens with a purple bud behind it.


The flower plants are doing great and should fill up quite a few beds.


There’s the zinnia for the 100-foot ditch bed (and yes, I am regretting that decision as so many didn’t germinate).


The first round of petunias are ready for planters. I’ve have to get the boys to pack them out there for me.


Same with the geraniums.


And the coleus is so pretty.


The tree has been cut up by Homer and removed by Nick. Now to blow out the sawdust so I can burn the grass.


There was still a trailer load of branches to be picked up. (Never looks as much in a photo).


I am so impressed with the Rhododendron. I’ve never grown them either. I just can’t believe they can survive our winters.


After a little work I was off and running. Into town to take Elijah to the field, ran to get him Subway, picked up my niece and took her to the house to hang with the kids then back to the game. They got the electricity on and the teams are on the field for the National Anthem. We got our new uniforms and the boys look really sharp.


Elijah is the starting catcher, but last night he got hurt. He toughed it out the whole game, but was in a lot of pain. He took a ball wrong and said it felt like he broke his thumb. I’ve never seen him wince like that with every ball, but it was his and the coaches call. Hopefully, it’s just bruised. He’s got four games next week!


The wind was blowing pretty good again last night. I’m ready for that noise to stop. I can’t burn my grass again today as it is gusting out.


Look at him look at that ball. When  you execute properly you are rewarded. He hit a huge triple to the fence.




We did well and were winning through the 4th, but bombed in the 5th and 6th and ended up losing. Painful to watch. Hopefully next week we are on the other side of things.


Emily and I are headed out to plant onion sets. It’s Lucas’ 6th Birthday today on Cinco de Mayo. The parties will be tomorrow. I slept in so long today so I’d better get a move on….


Nancy J said...

Gayle, you have received the " Liebster Blog Award" from me. I so enjoy your blog, the weather!!! and your travels every day to and fro. Please read my last post for my words. Cheers from Jean.

Lori Skoog said...

Your greenhouse is going nuts. Beautiful.