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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Lucas!


Yesterday was Lucas’ 6th Birthday. Today is his party (s). The last six years have flown by!

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Emily wanted to work in the garden with me. She planted a couple rows of onion sets, but then had to go back in the house and lay down. She just doesn’t feel that hot.


Lucas picked Food Factory for his birthday dinner. The staff sang to him, but I hurried my photo. Nick met us at the restaurant after a day of hiking Angel Rocks.


That’s quite a sundae.


It rained pretty hard while we were eating. We came out to this double rainbow. Homer asked Lucas what colors he could see and he replied, “red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet”. Not exactly the answer he thought he was going to get. lol :) I guess he’s learned quite a bit in Kindergarten this year.


Emily didn’t want to stay home sick so she went with us. Even feeling lousy she still looks good.


When we got home Homer put up the lattice for the cantaloupe and the string for the cucumbers (on the right) while I planted some strawberries he brought me. (I’m so spoiled).



There were Tribute and Seascape. Neither will survive the winter, but hopefully will produce some fruit this season (Zone 4-8). I put six of each variety in the greenhouse and will put the other 28 plants outside.


I had spent quite a bit of time blowing the leaves and junk away from around the pool, greenhouse and vegetable beds. I really wanted to burn the grass, but it was late so I only did this little section. (This is my favorite thing to do each spring….for some reason it is relaxing to me…probably because I can’t hear anything other than the torch!).



Not exactly a heat wave. I could see my breath.


Done burning….


…then I raked the area. I also watered which got me funny looks from the cars driving by. It was pretty cold out, but I was simulating Spring Showers since the rain clouds tend to go around my house. Well, except for today. I have a bunch of people coming to BBQ and you just know it will rain.


I looked up from my work and these three went zipping through the yard playing tag. This is the good life.


(9:51 pm and still light…the best part about Alaskan Summers).


Nancy J said...

I am fascinated.What is under the polythene with a border of huge stones? And does the grass get burnt off after every winter? Does this promote new growth? The greenhouse plants look so good.Happy Birthday Lucas from NZ. And Emily, I so hope you are better soon.I put your degrees into Celsius, before I read your thermometer,. still very cold. Cheers from Jean.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Happy birthday to the adorable birthday boy! I love your flamingo's!! And I totally want to come play in your greenhouse with you. I am so jealous of it. How about a little rock music, some margarita's and some planting??

Janie said...

I love the double rainbow! Emily is looking quite grown up.