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The White House

Monday, May 14, 2012


Completely unhappy with Windows Live Writer. Or my computer. Or Internet. Or all three.

I wrote a post yesterday morning that would never post. I’m trying again, but maybe with less words (if that is possible for me).

The end of school has such busy days. Thursday Olivia had a concert on Life Cycles. She was a butterfly. Everything was acted out to song.


In their cocoons.




I can’t believe how many songs she knew the words to.


A butterfly.


Emily’s class was just hanging outside when I arrived and she asked if she could go watch. She’s such a good big sister. It’s hard for her to be away from her family a week at a time.


Friday night was Olivia’s Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony at Pioneer Park at the same time as Elijah’s baseball game. I ran to the game to drop off the programs and then raced to the ceremony. It was so horribly windy out. There must have been over 100 people there.


She’s officially gone from Daisy’s to Brownies.


She stayed at the park with a friend and I went to the game with Lucas. We met Dad there.


Emily got to come for awhile with my niece. So cool they were all there to cheer him on even if the weather was horrible.




The river runs right behind the bleachers.


The coach is always talking to him. I suppose the catcher kind of runs the show. He’s trying to get him to be more verbal and in control (I think).


Look….he got all three coaches and then his hair tussled.


There was some wild pitching and he had to really work hard behind the plate. The other team had four hits the entire game. We managed to take a 3-1 lead and lose 8-3 on over-throws. Painful to watch.


Then Saturday morning we headed out to North Pole (30 miles) for a double header. That’s five hours of baseball if you are wondering. Can you see the ball coming at him. Kind of cool angle.


Elijah had a good day batting and we won 10-8.


Do you see the snow berm on the inside of the fence? Elijah was robbed of a home run by that snow. The ball landed a couple feet short of the fence in the snow and automatically becomes a double. He was almost to third before they even got to the ball! Only in Alaska at the North Pole! There was lots of other drama, too. A girl who spent the night with Olivia refused to come out of the bathroom to go to a party when my niece showed up to drive them. She finally did and then they broke down a few miles from the house. Nick rescued them, we towed cars and Olivia got to go to the party. One thing after another goes wrong and it seems I have less and less money every day. Such a struggle it seems.


Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I’d like to say it was perfect, but it wasn’t. My Emily wasn’t allowed to be with her Mom. She had to go with my ex’s new wife to her sister’s husband’s brother’s house for a party. This lady has no kids of her own and “thinks” Emily is hers’. Anyone with a heart would not keep a mother and daughter apart especially on Mother’s Day. And driving by my house twice with her and not stopping. That’s just spiteful rubbing in.

Homer and I spent the morning with the two little ones shopping. Not super thrilling either except for the surprise under the barn lid….


New laying hens. It’s time to add to the brood as they quit producing after a couple years.



Some petunias bloomed for Mother’s Day. There were three times that this morning.


Homer cooked me a nice dinner and took care of the kids to give me a day off. I didn’t really lay around. I finished fertilizing and putting lime on the front yard. Then I burned the ditch line and fertilized it, too. Lots of water as well… I sure hope it’s green soon.


So after a so-so day, this morning started awful as well. Olivia has 102.5* temperature and stayed home. I really wish I could catch a break. Court, baseball, finals, Kindergarten graduation, 6th Grade Graduation, school picnics….all this week.  I’m really tired. And a tad sad.


Nancy J said...

Your Mother's Day Gift is your family..Emily would have sent you lots of love as she went past, and the chickens, perfect!!Look at that snow, we have had the first small fall in the Central Plateau.Hope your spring flowers continue to bloom for a long time.Down here the pansies last for about 5 months,May to September sometimes. Cheers from Jean

FlowerLady said...

Dear Gayle ~ I hope once school is out you'll not be so frazzled.

I'm sorry Emily was not allowed to spend Mother's Day with you. Your dinner fixed by Homer looks yummy.

You are one busy lady with lots happening in your life. You are creating beauty in your gardens and loving your family with all your might. Hang in there.

Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

Tink *~*~* said...

I think of you every time I see petunias :)


Janie said...

Olivia makes an adorable butterfly. Fun to have new chicks. I'll be the kids love to play with them.