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The White House

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Good Thing I Like My Truck


Yesterday I lived in my truck in traffic wasting a lot of time. Drove Elijah to school, went home, took Sophie to Olivia’s show ‘n tell, went home, picked up Lucas, went home, picked up Elijah, took him to the field, went home, went back to the field, went home for the night. That’s 114 driving miles and hours gone. If I could stay home all day today I would, but there’s Kindergarten pick-up, a school play and baseball. Is it summer vacation yet?

Yuck. Brown grass. I’m on a hill so I don’t quite get the sun that the flatlanders in town get all hours of the day so my grass isn’t green. Actually, it isn’t brown anymore either. It is mostly black except for the far side that I need to finish so I can spread lime, fertilizer and then water. I’m ready for green grass.


The other day when I was burning the lawn Nick was sawing up the trees we cut down last fall and hauling it to the wood pile. Emily took a couple photos.



Homer is repairing her greenhouse.


He has to have the strongest legs with all the squatting he does.




They ten-runned the other team in the 6th. He has three more games this week.  He’s going to be beat by Sunday.


I have a rotten stomach this morning and am just exhausted. I would so love to crawl back in bed, but with all the running I did yesterday I have to work at home today. First up is watering the greenhouse…that will take a couple hours.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You aren't kidding you spend a lot of time in your truck. How far are you from town?

Arizaphale said...

Mum's Taxi Service. Pity we don't get tips. Love seeing your place emerging form under the snow.....

Janie said...

You do a lot of driving. Surely there will be less of that once school is out.