The White House

The White House

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Full Days

Made it through Monday and on Tuesday Olivia woke with a high fever. I had court for the 432nd time (ug!), but Nick was here to stay home with her. When I returned she was restless so we went out and planted some carrots. Note the flushed cheeks. Even with a temp of 102* she puts on a smile. Then it was back to bed.


My sink. Things like this happen when you live with a child with a host of disabilities. Between the HEX and him I’ve been living like this for 21 years…. tip-toeing so I don’t trigger the time bomb that lives within. I’m tired. Incidentally, it’s been 8 days and the sink is still like this. Can you say busy??


Thursday our little man “graduated” from Kindergarten. He’s spotted us…. far right, front, in red.


All the Kindergarteners made tie-dye t-shirts for their celebration. I like that idea.


On the left in the Kindy aide and on the right is his teacher who also was Emily’s and Olivia’s  K teacher. Two absolutely wonderful, wonderful women.


Shaking the principal’s hand. She’s been with U-Park for 14 years now. Me, too.


To show our support we all wore our tie-dye shirts. Well, except for Dad. I don’t think he has one. I look so old and so tired. All my son’s issues have really taken it out of me. I just try to be thankful for how it rolls because I know there are parents who have it 100 times harder than I do. I savor the good moments which seem so few and far between sometimes.


If you say something stupid you can get them to smile. :) Em just loves her big brother. It’s hard for her to leave each week and not see him. Even with the 7 year age difference they are pretty good friends… they just don’t get enough time together. Elijah couldn’t be there. Seems he’s never in our family shots, is he? He had high school finals so I couldn’t pull him out of class to go.


The gardening never ends and really I feel behind. So much in my family life has taken me away from my hobby. I’m okay with that, but so many packets of seeds went unplanted. I hate the wasting of money. After Lucas’ program we came home and I cleaned out the rhubarb bed of grass and weeds. The dirt has really settled and needs to be added to when my lottery check arrives. Ha!



Nick ran the chainsaw a bit. Not his favorite thing to do on a sunny day. I hate to give away our firewood, but we have so many trees that need cleaned up I may just have to.


What a mess. Wish I had a magic wand.


Well, this is part one of two parts to be finished tonight. Come back for Emily’s 6th grade celebration and another baseball game. For now, I need to check Olivia’s temperature (yes, after two days of school she came home yesterday and it started going back up), feed animals, wash baseball uniforms and a host of other things. Really, I’m just tired on this First Day of Summer Vacation.


Mama Bean said...

Congratulations to L on his graduation, he looks mighty handsome :) Hope O is feeling better soon, so glad she can smile through suffering (kind of like her momma...)

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Gayle, you need a vacation before you start your summer vacation....