The White House

The White House

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Congratulations Emily!!

As promised another day of photos then I’m off to turn on the lawn tractor. Finally seeing some green grass!! :) Would you believe we are under fire warnings? Dry, dry, dry out there. I have been watering every chance I get, but the ground under the lawn is still crunchy. Crazy!

I love to cook dinner for my husband. Even better when it is nice and we can sit outside. One day we’ll be drama free and I’ll have the time to do this every night.


Emily’s 6th Grade Celebration was Friday. Our girl was absolutely stunning. She made a very appropriate dress choice (very proud…some were very short). We got up at 6:30am to do hair, nails, etc. She was so happy…. very excited about going on to Middle School.


There were presentations, awards, singing and then lei’s and handshakes.



She was so surprised…. Homer and Lucas met her walking out with bouquets of flowers. I had picked one up for the boys and Homer showed up with one of his own. We all love our princess so much.



And there they are (half of them) officially out of 6th grade.



Again, Elijah couldn’t come. He was in finals as this was at 10:30am. Olivia wanted to stay with her class and friends.



We did so many photo shoots with so many pretty girls. These are three of her best friends.


The other girls were messing around with “duck lips” and there she is sitting perfectly with her flowers looking like she just won the Ms. America crown. :)


There were cakes made for each of the three classes and a wonderful buffet of meats, cheeses, etc. to make your own sandwiches.



And one last shot in front of the net. I don’t think U-Park has ever strayed from the tropical theme although this year it seemed half the girls were dressed in black & white so maybe they might want to consider it. I’m so looking forward to the next few years of giggling girls and boyfriends and teenage drama. I think we are going to have some fun.


After spending a lot of time with Emily we headed out to Olivia’s picnic. We didn’t eat again, but did say hello.


She was doing her best to have fun. She’s still running a low grade temperature.



Both girls wanted to stay and ride the bus home for one last time. The boys and I headed back to the house.


And Saturday…. Elijah had a baseball game out in North Pole against Eielson. We 10-runned them in the 5th. Elijah didn’t take the field this game and played as designated hitter.


He walked twice, one hard hit to 2nd that was bobbled and a hit to third that was fielder’s choice so he was on 4-for-4 scoring a couple of those. It was one sunny day. Nice.


Well, tomorrow is the big “trial” deciding custody of Elijah and Emily. This has been one trip to the courthouse after another since November of 2010…..18 months of hearing, filings and endless papers. It will be what it is, but it sure will be nice to have this particular elephant off my back. I’ll still be carrying a giraffe and a few zebras that I have to deal with, but I’m sure (please Lord) that my stress levels will go down.


They have to.


Nancy J said...

I hope all the animals perching over you go!!!A wonderful family, you and Homer can be so proud and thankful for each one,let the court see all this and decide rightly. Lovely photos of graduation, sport( I need to find out all the term meanings!!) and obviously warmer weather, with summer dresses on show. Cheers from Jean.

Mama Bean said...

E looks so beautiful! It's a refreshing perspective that you're looking forward to the teenage girl drama :) I will try to keep that positivity when my own baby girl gets around to it haha. I can't believe the big trial is (finally) here - will be praying for the best possible outcome :)

Sandy said...

Gayle,,be sure and give us an update after the "trial",,,we're all pulling for you to get what you think is best for the kids !!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Stunning is exactly the word I would use to describe Emily as well. Very pretty and I loved her long dress. I also really like the photo of the 3 of you - you hair looks really nice and its a great photo. You really do have a lovely family and there is so much love. Good luck at court. I'll be praying for you. Hugs.

FlowerLady said...

Dear Gayle ,

Emily looked so lovely for her graduation from grade school. Nest year will be the start of another adventure.

I hope Olivia is soon feeling much better.

You all are in my thoughts and prayers with the trial tomorrow.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Stacy Davis said...

Emily looks so grown up!! What a great theme they themes makes it "unfair" to those that can't afford to buy those kinds of clothes :/
Ill be keeping you and your family in my thoughts tomorrow...big ((HUGS)) to all of you.

Momma Morgan said...

I hardly comment (think I have twice), but I had to tell u that u sure have a beauty on ur hands! She is stunning!! Love the hair and great choice in the dress. She looked perfect!

Hope all goes well with court. We r going thru custody trials with my stepdaughters. We have full custody and their mom is name called, bad mouthing.. U name it! I know it's kind of different but I truly believe the best place fir them is here. It's where they been most of their lives! I pray God feels the same in ur situation and mine!!

Holly said...

Congrats to both Emily and Lucas for their graduations.
Best of luck at court tomorrow, have all my fingers and toes crossed for you and your family.