The White House

The White House

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Sunday Homer was picking stuff up that seems to randomly end up laying around the yard despite our best intentions.


Made in 1953. How cool is that?


Olivia helped me plant more onions. I really am far behind and blew it in some areas of gardening this year. I’ve resigned myself to the fact as long as have a lot of children and as long as I’m caring for one that gives me a run for my money everyday, gardening will not be perfect.


Lucas loading a nerf gun so he can “sneak” up on us.


It was hot out and they wanted to fill a little pool despite my warnings that the water is still ice cold.


There is no one more immune to cold water than Olivia. She played in there for an hour. That water had to be under 40*; it broke her slight fever.


So empty, well, not really. There are things planted, but only poking through the dirt. Sunday was a Cash kind of day. Had it cranking from my truck.


There’s the piles of dirt Homer dumped in Daisy’s pen. I spent some time tilling  and raking, but am far from done. I want to try and grow grass in there.


The key is water and since none is falling from the sky I’ve been watering the lawns whenever I can.


Look at that egg! It was as big as Emily’s hand!


These two love each other. They totally have more fun than two people should. I have no idea what they talk about, but they are always laughing. They have the same sense of humor which is not mine, btw, but Nick has it, too. I’m so thankful the three of them get along so great. Oh, and they are building a rabbit pen. Charlie passed, but we still have a rabbit. Apparently the Hex got two at the pound for Emily, but they were fighting. Rather than get another cage they were taking it back to the pound so she brought it here instead. Guess that worked out for us.


After a big day of work we took the kids down to the Ester Park to climb the big hill, swing, play soccer and basketball. I beat Homer at horse and Emily at pig. We’ll have to go back for a rematch.




When we got home I had paperwork to do for the big custody trial that has been a year-and-a-half in the making. These two were drilling holes and making a big teepee with the parachute. It seems between my HEX and Elijah I spend more of my life in meetings and doing paperwork than having fun. Yes, I’m feeling sorry for myself for always missing out.


I did not sleep Sunday night so Monday was a long, long day. I was mentally and physically fried. The trial was 2.5 hours long. Me, him and the investigator giving testimony and the judge asking questions. Really it all just makes me very sad. I used to be happy he remarried and had someone to be with, but when that happened, for whatever reason, communicating with me and being civil stopped. He says therapy is helping him and child custody classes opened his eyes, but he’s still very hostile towards me so I think those are just words for the judge. Unfortunately for our kids the days of us getting along are probably gone.  He made it clear than his wife hates me, he hates me. Through me he could have reconnected with the boys. Hating the mom who has been there of their lives isn’t beneficial to any relationship. Humpf. It is what it is. I’m still the same person I was 20 years ago (with a lot more fat!). I’ll get up every day and keep raising my kids, smiling at people even if I.don’

I somehow managed to get the program done for the game with sleepy eyes. Got it printed, Elijah new contacts and him to the game. Nick got the younger kids to Grandmas, he went to see friends and I met Homer to cheer on the team. Elijah didn’t get to play again. He was just the Designated Hitter. Would you believe the game went 10 innings (instead of 7)?!! It was 12-10 bottom of the 10th and we were behind. Elijah scored the 11th run. The bases were loaded and a Senior hit a double scoring the winning run. Elijah was at the field at 3:30pm. The game started at 6:00pm and we left for home at 10:20pm!


I have so much work to do around home, but instead I have to edit photos for the Senior posters, meet with the Probation Officer and then another game tonight. I’m ready for a break. My home needs me.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Your post exhausted me just reading it. It's a shame that so much of your time is wasted on trial crap. Will it be over with soon? I'd LOVE to go climb that hill - now that looked cool!

FlowerLady said...

Dear Gayle ~ It's nice to see things greening up there in Alaska.

I've been thinking about you wondering how things went at the trial. When will you find out about the custody? I really am sorry that you've been going through a hell of a time with all of this.

Olivia is such a happy garden helper, and I'm sure you enjoy her companionship.

Glad to see Emily and Homer enjoying working together too.

Love and hugs to all of you,