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The White House

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Goodness. It’s Spring and I am busy! I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since Monday!

Tuesday I started sorting through the balls, bats, hockey stuff, etc. in front of the house and getting rid of it. Pretty sure I don’t need 3 football helmets that are old and unusable. (Last night Homer finished moving the gas cans, etc. Nothing like shuffling piles. LOL).


Missy played in the mud while I worked. Lucas was in the house asleep on the couch. This was the first day of his fatigue.


Moose steaks on the grill for dinner. Then life went down hill rapidly, lots of drama with Elijah that carried over all to day Wednesday. *sigh* That boy…


Wednesday and Thursday we watched Emily play volleyball. She actually does pretty good having never participated in sports. She likes it, too, and could see herself going to some clinics and trying out in Junior High. That’s awesome that she’s found an interest!




Silly girls almost out of elementary school. I’m not sure I’m ready for Junior High again.


Thursday I moved some things into the greenhouse. If I didn’t have so much other stuff going on I would have some of it planted by now. The beds were so dry so Olivia helped soak them.


I packed out 20 flats….120 steps out and back…these are the things that are so time consuming, but good exercise.


When Homer got home he, Emily and Elijah went driving in the orange truck. Still working on the cars so Elijah is driving this until they are running. It was his first time in a stick and he did fine.


What a day Friday was. Started out at the DMV to get tags for the truck. We just had about 4000 troops return to town. They all need to renew their licenses, tags, register vehicles. You would think the DMV would recognize this and add some staff. Nope. Took for ever.

I also had to stand at the phone company to see about a new phone for Elijah. What nightmare. They just started selling iPhones at midnight and it was packed. Looks like that’s what we’ll be getting, but have to wait until Monday (or later) because they had already run out and need another shipment. He’ll use my phone for now, I guess.

Then I had to grocery shop for Asa’s birthday party. Trudy’s son turned six and they wanted to have a party up at our house doing homemade pizzas. Thankfully Emily and Elijah picked up the house while I was in town because when I got home I had to leave again! Lucas has been puny for several days. No cough, fever or vomiting, but every day he would come home from school and fall asleep on the couch around 3:00pm and sleep until morning. He’s also hardly eaten a thing. Friday was the 4th day of the same except this time he had a temperature of 104.9! I left with him to the clinic for a strep test which came back negative. The best guess is he has a GI bug that has been going around so we were sent home. $200 later I still have a sick kid and nothing to “fix” it.

So the party…. Lucas went up to Emily’s room to lay down (very sad to be missing everything). There’s Asa and Olivia playing air hockey in the background (Steve is behind the boards). On the couch Grandma Debbi is holding Nevaeh talking with Cathy (Trudy’s mom) with Emily next to her. At the table is Nick, Tyson, Dave (Trudy’s dad), Homer, Cody (behind Trudy) and Trudy making her pizza. Elijah was at baseball.



Sophie got a bath for the party. I can’t wait until she is shaved in two weeks.


There’s Steve!


Everyone made their own pizza.


Some made Calzone’s.


Hello Dave.


Emily getting to hold her niece for the first time.


Olivia was teaching Asa how to play Sequence.



We have such a house full of competitors.


Uncle Nick was commenting that his hand is almost as big as the baby.


Emily and I finally got Olivia to hold her niece. She still isn’t as excited about the baby like I thought she would be. I’m sure it’s hard seeing everyone ohhh and ahhh over someone new and feel like she’s being replaced. Never! She’s my girl and will always have Grandma Debbi loving on her.


Look who is strong and can lift her little head up!


Is this guy a trooper or what. Still manages a smile while feeling so bad. He came down to sing Happy Birthday and have one bite of cake. (This morning his temperature is 100.3 and he’s just laying on the couch. I’m not the freak-out type, but I am a bit concerned that he has something serious that we “can’t see”. Even the doctor mentioned that so I have to keep a close eye on his drinking/peeing and hopefully this all passes soon).



I love having family here. I told Homer we needed to hurry up and finish the house/yard so we could do this every night. Now to grow that money tree….



Happy Birthday Asa!


Today? Sick kiddo, promised Em shopping for 6th grade graduation, Prom for Elijah (who I need to take shopping after baseball practice), cleaning house and desperately need to attend to the plants. So far it’s just been coffee and a visit from some Jehovah’s Witnesses preaching in the neighborhood. I’d better get a move on!


Nancy J said...

What a wonderful family, and the new baby and Mom included, and the Dad!! All doing so well. Hope that Lucas improves and you find out what is the problem,he must feel very poorly to miss out on the fun.The planted plants look great,enjoy your coffee,shopping and the garden. Cheers from Jean.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

What a happy and full house! The baby is adorable. Hope Lucas feels better soon.

Arizaphale said...

Seeing all this family stuff makes me really miss mine!(They live in the UK). Good for Emily discovering the awesomeness of volleyball! I always loved it. Years of fun to come!!
Oh and Happy Birthday Asa.