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The White House

Monday, April 23, 2012

Wonderful Weather

Olivia wrote this list and actually added good/bad things for people and animals, too. Obviously she pays attention to know the fish-river facts.


Saturday night was the Prom. Yes, this was the best photo I could get from my anti-camera child. The rest looked like mug shots. What a handsome fellow. Funny story from that night. He drove the truck and on the way home lost his headlights. The troopers called so we could rescue him (he forgot to take the phone I gave him, of course). Apparently, he had bumped the dimmer switch with his foot and it was stuck halfway therefore shutting of the lights. When I was explaining it to Emily she asked what a dimmer switch was and I told her it was a button on the floor used to make the lights bright or dim. She says, “Why would they put the button on the floor? That’s just stupid”. Elijah adds, “I know, right?!”.



Emily helped plant the pepper plants which I now have to move some because they are way too close. I should have read about it before getting started.


She also helped her sister plant a few.



Look at the difference between beef (in the back) and moose (in the front).


I cannot wait until she gets into the groomers and gets shaved.


Sunday was a big day for working on the greenhouse. I’ll have to get some photos of the progress today. The snow has melted and now we can get rid of that tree while the grass is still frozen.


Went for a walk with the kids. Emily wanted to pull them in the garden wagon for exercise.


I walked Rusty, but had her hold him so I could take a photo. Can’t wait until this is all green and not so drab. Sure was warm out.


Daisy needs to take her wool coat off. Cross-my-fingers it will be this week pending no further drama.


Emily trying to coax the chickens out of the coop for the first time.


We lost a few this winter. The furnace went out a couple of times in the night. It happens. We need to pick up a couple chicks, but I already have too much to do!


When Homer got the shelves done in the greenhouse he was going to cut up that tree, but ended up working on the chainsaw for a very long time. He thought it was the carburetor, but finally found a pinhole in the fuel line. The tree did get cut, but we still need to take the plow off the 4-wheeler so I can clean it up.


Started pumping out the pond before it hatches a million mosquitoes. I’ll finish that today.


Millie is such a pretty dog.


Dinner was salmon on the grill with a side of sautéed leftover pizza toppings in Italian Dressing (which was actually good!).


Time to get moving. I’m a slug today and could sleep all day if there wasn’t so much to get done. April and May are over-whelming every year.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I never plant my jalapenos as far apart as they recommend. I find they do quite well.

Glad to see your snow is gone, and you are having warmer days.

That salmon and veg looks awesome!!!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I cannot believe how quickly that snow all melted. Elijah really looks handsome in that picture. You sure have the cutest kids!

Martha in PA said...

I was going to say what Kim said... All of a sudden the snow is gone! Love the prom theme! Elijah looks handsome! I remember the dimmer switch on the floor, it really was quite handy there!

Janie said...

Olivia's list is so sweet. Nice to see Elijah all dressed up for the prom.

Tink *~*~* said...

I have salmon envy - I bet it's different when it's fresh, fresh, fresh!