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The White House

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Snow is Melting

Friday Olivia had a Spring Concert (that I forgot all about with all the Elijah stuff going on so she wasn’t wearing a pretty Spring dress and her hair was a mess!).

Can you spot smiley?



I wonder what Lucas was whispering to his friend?


They had a bunch of nicely done props. They sang songs about transportation.


At the end the 1st-3rd grade classes stood up and sang one last song together.  So many people crammed in the gym and it was hot!



Saturday Olivia helped me in the greenhouse. I made the mistake of not completely cleaning out the tomato bed. No one wants to do that come Spring. We did get it done though and I tilled the dirt in that bed. (Last fall I topped each bed with 3-4 inches of compost and had to mix it in).


Homer brought me home some thermometers so I could see the soil temperature. He’s always doing fun stuff like that. The undisturbed soil was 46*. It was 46* at the bottom as well, but once it was tilled it was 52*. The air temperature was 80*.


I have rhubarb under there. I am highly impatient. I shoveled that snow into the drive to melt. (To the left of the bed it was 2 feet deep and would melt so slow).


My garden beds are under there as well and I worked on clearing them off.


I actually got most of it back to the spool. There is a lot of snow there.


Our used car lot! Pulled out the Fox to fix for Nick (something broke when he drove it before getting his Mercedes)….better gas mileage than the van which he took to Anchorage this weekend. Also, pulled out Elijah’s Audi. Needs new tires and a distributor cap. And pulled out the Mercedes that is still missing two windows (I thought the cop’s kid was the witness, but turns out he was the one who actually broke the windows so it was buried and not pursued so we got screwed).

Thursday Elijah and I (and the little people) spent several hours driving around, parallel parking and then he passed his exam. He’s now officially licensed to drive which is why we had to get his car out. He’s not taking my truck!!


These two were content to veg in front the the TV playing video games all day. Drove me nuts at it was 50* out and sunny. I finally forced them out for an hour of mud play. Maybe they are just burnt out and tired from school. This area is supposed to be a big lawn someday. What a mess it is every Spring.


Supposed to be warm again today and for several days. I have work to do in the plant room, but it is so hard not to go outside.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Olivia is adorable in her gardening outfit. And I'd love to be inside that greenhouse.

Arizaphale said...

I remember the feeling of the snow melting when I lived in the Australian Alps (yes we have snow). It was like I imagine getting out of prison must feel....Mind you we eked out the skiing for as long as we could....