The White House

The White House

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

The kids are painting garden stakes. Let’s see if I ever actually assemble them. I tend to do half-projects.

painting garden stakes

I wouldn’t mind these tags so much if I was there for fun. Going again later today to meet with some folks to brain-storm some behavioral intervention plans (which looks good on paper, but in reality….).


Last night was the first bike ride of the year. It didn’t go so well. Lucas tipped over in the mud and got his hands yucky/cold. Progress was too slow for Emily. It’s obvious she is an only child 6 months of the year and it is adversely affecting her personality at home and school. I (and everyone) can see attitudes (and a mouth) developing that is not going to benefit her in life. I’m sure you can read between the lines on that one.

So you can see by little Lucas’ face that it was scrunched up in tears having to go back home with dad while I continued the walk with Emily. (It was warmer than it looks. I think about 45*).

first bike ride of the year



While we were walking Elijah took my 4-wheeler down to push slush in a neighbor’s yard where they were stuck. I told him that it wouldn’t do the job, but I’m stupid and he’s always right. He came back half an hour later and asked Homer to take the loader down and help his friend’s mom out. *sigh* Good thing his dad is such a nice and flexible guy because at that point it was 9:00pm at night.


And the plant room. It is bursting with life and sorely needs my attention. Besides my trip to the school I also have to take Olivia to the eye doctor. Like I said…always busy, busy, busy. If you want to read about all that I have going on plant wise check out My Alaska Garden. You won’t believe all that is growing in my house!


Okay…I have about an hour to work in there before I have to shower and head out for the rest of the day. Better run. Happy Spring!


Lori Skoog said...

So glad that your weather is improving. Your plant room is big enough for a commercial greenhouse!

Nancy J said...

Your plants are great, families do grow up, sometime later in their life, and if I show Hugh your blog he will say" I want one of those loaders!!"Not that we have snow, but a long driveway, huge pampas or toitoi grasses that need to come out ,and of course, it would be just great to have in the shed. I am off to see your plants, where do they all go,and I wonder how long is your summer??
Fond greetings from Jean in NZ.

Janie said...

Must be nice to see the snow finally melting.
Your greenhouse is magnificent. Your property will have flowers and veggies aplenty this year.