The White House

The White House

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Need A Ride?

My ass resembles the seat in my truck. At least is is leather.

This is how it goes…drive Elijah to school (missed bus), drive home, drive back to school because he needs shorts for weight lifting, Easter/grocery shopping for two hours, pick-up Lucas, take him home to Nick, Elijah arrives on the bus, take Elijah back to town for a meeting, take him to get a cup for baseball, pick up Olivia at Girl Scouts, go home, cook dinner, watch the championship basketball game, Nick lets me see the end by driving Elijah to practice for me, go pick Elijah up at 9pm, come back home, dad had put the little ones to bed so I make smoothies for the boys and we go to bed.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. (I’m afraid to go in my plant room this morning…something surely dried out and died yesterday from neglect).

Sometimes he’s my chauffeur. And I’m the neurotic mess in the seat next to him. New drivers scare me, but I guess I was once one myself. In a one-stop sign town. 


So much to do that I’m a bit over-whelmed which in turn makes me tired. Crawling into bed would be so easy…. but there’s too much to do. The plant room needs me and all too soon I’ll need to get kids and go shopping for baseball bats. I could use a pause button for a few days!


Nancy J said...

Your driving day sounds like a never stop sequence. Now, those plants??? Do you have a huge garden? do they all get planted out or do you sell? give away/ use them somewhere else? I marvel at all the seedlings you have, and then the pricking out,so hard on the fingers after the first 100!!!Your thermometer translates to -10 Celsius, sill very cold by NZ standards. Is there any sign of spring soon? Cheers from Jean, with 58 degrees F outside right now at nearly 7 a.m.

Humble wife said...

These times slow down, I promise.

I am a terrible passenger for the new drivers. I did best by letting them drive then coming home and taking a hot hot bath...ugh. Stop does mean stop!!

My plants are all inside still as well. The almanac for my area had a freeze all the way until last week and I am one that babies my plants. I am going to go into full planting mode this next week!!

Take care