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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I’ve Got Mail

Who knew my dryer was shot? A load of jeans in the old one took 80-90 minutes to dry. Yesterday I dried a load in 45! Can you believe it? Easy peasy to get through 4 loads…four more should get me caught back up.

The matching washer is here now, but the boys weren’t home at the same time to carry it upstairs. It’s Survivor night so everyone should be home.

I got mail!! I get two things in the mail …. medical bills from Elijah’s accident and court motions filed by the HEX. Yesterday was joyful because the seeds I ordered finally came and the cookbook I won at Double Nickel Farm arrived.


But not just a cookbook…check it out. Two cookbooks, a Holy Bible, 5 postcards, playing cards, coffee cup, two kinds of coffee, two packets of seed, a refrigerator magnet and two kinds of pistachios ….all with a New Mexico theme!! My husband and I were silly-excited. I am saving the coffee for Sunday when we can share a cup (it’s our only morning together). The “Internet” isn’t a State or Country, not a place you can “see or touch”, but it is a Community none-the-less where people from all walks of life come together to laugh, share, cry and support one another. In all my 44 years some of the most generous people I’ve ever met ironically are the ones I’ve NEVER met. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing a little slice of your home.


Now for the seeds. I am horribly disappointed this Spring. I hemmed and hawed for a month before getting my act together to put in my order. Then it took them over two weeks to send the seeds (Lori…they came from Rochester). I have 8 weeks until I plant outside. These seeds all say 12-20 weeks required inside!! What that translates in to is they won’t bloom until August only a couple weeks before it freezes. Creating the perfect garden in Alaska where summer is June 1-August ? (with the potential to not be all that warm) is hard work and I can’t believe the anxiety I give myself over it. Giant note to self: order sooner!!


After her bath I braided some of Olivia’s hair. She had knots that were traumatic, I stabbed my finger and it bled, and I snapped my lip with a rubber band. Being beautiful is painful especially for me.


She wanted me to take a photo of the “back”. There was no way I was going to be able to do her whole head although that would have looked cool. I’m too slow and it was too late. This morning we put ringlets in the bottom half of the brain and curled her bangs. This should be done every day. She’s such a sweet pretty girl and goes out the door (too often) looking like she has a squirrel’s nest in her hair. Boys are so much easier.


I planted fast and furious yesterday. I’m headed back at it as soon as I am done here. I planted 51-6 packs of Zinnia; (The rest are individual seed counts….) 33 Geranium Maverick, 33 Dahlia Fireworks, 57 Joker Pansy and 179 Wave Petunias. The Petunias are my high stress flower to start. The Wave seeds come in packets of 25 pelleted seeds (that I plant with tweezers and stress about dropping), but there are usually a few extra so with what I received it worked out to 18 cents per seed. A few won’t germinate and I’ll kill a few. I hover over these like crazy until they are growing strong. I’ll try to get some photos today. As usual I’ve over done it and am going to outgrow the plant room. *sigh*


Humble wife said...

You are so correct-we have no borders within the internet~ I am sooo happy you received the package!

You have brightened my world with your blog and the life you share, and this box is a simple way to say thanks!

ps-I took advantage of the contest to say this! I am glad you won so I could send you this!!

Take care,


Lori Skoog said...

Gayle! What a bunch of goodies! Yes, when I saw the box that said Harris Seeds I knew it was from this area. About 15-20 minutes from our farm.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I have met some really wonderful people because of blogging - and you're one of them!