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The White House

Friday, April 6, 2012

I Don’t Like Shoveling


Tiny pelleted petunia seeds. It’s a careful process using tweezers. They are too expensive to drop.


They are covered with fine vermiculite and put under a light. Now the watching begins. Wednesday was a productive planting day.


That day was also a trip to the barber for Elijah.


He had to groom his mullet.


Nick’s dreads are getting longer. He’s patiently waiting for them to be long enough to pull back so he can lose the bandana.


Nick helped me clean the plant room so I can move with more ease. He even packed my heavy pots. When Emily got home she helped me water. It’s nice to have them join me on this project.


Lucas looking so cool in Emily’s shades.


Thursday was a bust when it came to planting. I spent most of my time driving back and forth to town. It was about 50* and the snow was dripping like crazy. Nick shoveled the roof so Homer wouldn’t have to. Such a good son.


He finished this side of the house and will do the other side today. Maybe?


While he did that I picked up the “stuff” that has accumulated in front of the house. Won’t it be wonderful when the shop is up, there is a patio and lawn? Then maybe there won’t be a mess every Spring.


Then I went up to help him clear the deck. Under that snow was a couple inches of ice we had to chip. We shoveled to just past where he is standing and got half the ice.


We thought we’d save some of it for Elijah since he was doing this while we were working. This would be the norm.


And then there is Emily. I caught her just getting back from running to the mailbox across the road and back in her socks. She’s been wanting to run outside in her socks all winter. I guess it was now or never. Kids are funny.


Today, two of the kids have to talk to the child custody investigator. This will be the second time in a year I’ve had to take them. Of course, they don’t want to go, but I tell them what the judge told me to say (not crap  like someone else may have done)…. he (the judge) wants them to go and I don’t have a choice in the matter. It’s supposed to make it so they aren’t mad at me. Not always effective when you’re the one forcing them in the car and into the building as they complain the whole way.  Kind of ruins a Friday.

And that’s my life…. Probation Officer, Principal, Court, Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Good thing I’m efficient or there wouldn’t be any time left over to live life. :)

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Humble wife said...

Last to first...when I was a girl in Ohio we would run to the mailbox barefoot in the snow. I don't know why, but it was a challenge we all did.

Love the saving job part. We have one that would go to the bathroom when jobs started. We started to wait until he got out. Took about a month for him to wise up...but it worked!

As to helpers shoveling and watering-what a blessing! I hate to share with you that we have been in the high 80's.

Love the plantings and your green room. I am inspired and am making mine as I type. I am going to have fun!

Now for the seriousness...I am sorry you have to deal with the courts, the child custody and such. I am sure this is not easy for you or the children. But from getting to know you here, I am certain you are handling things exactly how they need to be handled. Sometimes living in the moment things dont seem so, but I believe at the end of the day you and the kids will be fine.

By the way-your house seems so large! I bet you are totally thrilled by the projects you have going on!

Your southern friend