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The White House

Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fools Isn’t Always Funny

Yes, she loves all the animals in the house. More than their owners. She is really a special girl.


Elijah’s coach scheduled baseball practice on a Saturday during the basketball games. I have no pre-school words to describe his infraction. Ya..I just love spending all the good moments driving my kid somewhere!!


I made some kind of spiced up burger I found on the Internet. It was moose meat with about 8 spices, two sauces, eggs, etc.  Everyone liked it so I was happy.


Olivia wanted us to hide Easter eggs…to practice??? I don’t know, but her dad was awesome and did it.





He threw some out in the deep snow. Lucas went far enough to get his egg….


but left Olivia’s. (Note the haha screw you laught).


So she went and got it….


and then he fell in the ice/snow and his hands were cold.


Karma’s a bitch, your sister is laughing and your mom really doesn’t have sympathy for people who get what’s coming to them for being mean. (He really wasn’t hurt…he was crying that his hands were cold, I snapped a shot and then wrapped them in my sweatshirt. Whole deal lasted about 12 seconds and he was off and running…. the point is people should not be mean to others. Ever.!! And I took that moment to teach him).


Sunday…Sweet Sunday…played some Sequence. Lucas won only  because I helped try to teach him some strategy. Olivia and I played later and I beat her  by one move. So close!


Please…moon in the sky…talk to the sun and magically melt the several feet of snow in my yard. What is it like to have summer last a long time? We get 2 months…3 if we pretend the beginning and end aren’t cold.


Shoveled to the greenhouse door. Then I hauled out hot water to thaw ice (that I ended up chipping and chipping) so I could open the door and get out the small fridge that Homer put in there last summer that Andrew has decided he needs back today. I packed it to his truck and that is that. Kind of reminds me of the Christmas decorations my brother gave me FIVE years ago and then called saying he wanted them all back two weeks before this past Christmas. But different because the fridge really wasn’t Homer’s to put in the greenhouse, we were just storage. And again. That is that.


Stove covered, sawdust falling from above. Remodeling sucks. Remodeling without money sucks even more.


I worked hard in the plant room today. I have 203 Impatiens. That is stupid. The help was nice. (He is planting Zinnia’s).


This is my new-to-me dryer. Got a new hose and things swept out/under it.Still same ugly walls until later….


Zach Brown band…too awesome. Loved the awards….hardly any presentations…all music.


Check out 9:00pm at my house. Love the daylight!!


So during the Awards I checked Facebook. My dear niece Tisha, her partner Travis and their girls Jadyn and Justise lost their home tonight. The dryer caught fire downstairs and by the time they realized it upstairs they had but minutes to get out. It was a large home and it burnt to the ground. It was under construction and uninsured. They are young and have lost it all. Please send prayers in their direction as we find a new way to help them.

And I just got a new dryer today. Life scares me sometimes. Or a lot.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That was so cute - the kids practicing finding eggs! How heartbreaking to lose everything in a fire. I can't imagine what they are going to do.

Humble wife said...

I will try and comment about the photos~so much and I have so many thoughts! I am with you on the remodeling-we are on the low cost, no cost method. I am not sure if you saw my response to your comment, but we are not going to have new cabinets-it never crossed my mind-costs too much. We are using planks and cutting them to size we want. We go to the mill and buy the bloopers 10 dollars a truckload. We do this for burn also as it is a good deal and with gas prices the way they are...well you get the idea.

Anyway, I love that kids do learn, as immediate consequences draw immediate conclusions!

Moose~sounds exotic, maybe like the oryx that is in NM. Many here eat oryx all the time.

So many things about gardening etc, I think we could really chat a good long time.

But I am saddened by your niece and the loss of their home. I hope you don;t mind but I am going to add them to a prayer group on names though.

Take care
OH and enjoy the new dryer!