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The White House

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Overwhelmed by Seedlings

This cracks me up. Last summer I planted onion sets that the turkey ate the tops off of. They never grew to a good size and have been sitting on the counter all winter. Now they are growing!


Livingstone Daisies germinate in the dark. It’s easy to forget them stuck on a random shelf and covered. I took the top off and here they were stretching to find light.


One flat among dozens. So much transplanting to do! This is a flat of regular (smallish) petunias. I will use then in a bed as a border (I’ve only ever grown the big wave petunias).


I still haven’t gotten her to the groomers. I can’t seem to remember to call during business hours! Her face cracks me up when her pony is out.


She runs around like a nut.


Sophie was a stinky dog so she got a bath. Now she just sits and cooperates through the whole process.


Since she looked so pretty and smelled so nice I took her to school when I picked up Lucas. He got to take her and show her to another Kindergarten class. Sophie was in heaven with all the kids.



Bubbles are always fun!

001 (2)

I spent yesterday in the plant room. I spent hours transplanting and don’t feel like I accomplished much. Hopefully Olivia and Lucas play good together today so I can get some more done.

Last night after dinner and a stop by the store we lazed on the couch with a movie. Have you seen In Time? It was pretty good.

Now for Jennifer’s questions….

What would you read if you could read uninterrupted?~~~~~~~~~ This is the kind of question that I would probably change my answer to each day depending on my mood, but for today I would say it would be some kind of big fat gardening book. I’d like to be able to read, research, design the perfect flower beds, but whenever I get started I get interrupted, forget what I learned and end of winging it with good (but not perfect) results. Some days it would be nice to be “like a college student” again where I am alone and could study all day. (I love to learn).

What's your favorite food if you cook?~~~~~~~~~ Something new. Until recently I really did not enjoy cooking. Now I like to cook if I am trying a new recipe. It’s fun to see if it turns out or is a flop.

What is your favorite food if someone else cooks? ~~~~~~~~~~~ Steaks on the BBQ by my husband in the summer. I could eat a big juicy steak for every meal!


Well…the kids are having ice cream for breakfast (cause I’m cool like that) and watching cartoons so I’m sneaking into the plant room while I can. It’s Saturday in Spring (?) and it is Snowing. How’s the weather in your world?


Lori Skoog said...

Sophie looks GREAT! You are not going to have enough hours in the day to plant all those seedlings! Holy Moly!

Humble wife said...

Love your answers!!

Oh my and I love the plants...I cannot wait to see what your garden looks like woohoooo!

And as I close-I am singing Tiny Bubbles!

Martha said...

I'm one of those people who "quietly" reads your blog and never comments. I really enjoy your honesty and love for your family.

I HAD to comment today because you fed your children ice cream for breakfast. So it may not be the best choice for breakfast (but far from the worst) but it will be something your kids fondly remember.

My Grandmother used to feed us ice cream when she was out of eggs. All her grandkids count that as a favorite memory. It showed us all a different side to her personality.

I'm proud of you for being so real with your kids :)