The White House

The White House

Friday, March 30, 2012

Catching Up

Where have I been all week?

Tuesday was spent finding out the who/why/how of school records, talking with Administration and ending the evening with a private meeting with the baseball coaches and Elijah. It’s always something.

Wednesday I took Nick to the DMV to replace his driver’s license. This is such an ugly building. I understand it is functional and probably efficient because it doesn’t have any windows, but I would rather it were more pleasing to the eye. (All our State buildings look “ugly” to me).



The temperatures were awesome. Spring may be on its way after all.


Took the boys to lunch. Lucas likes the prize box the best.


Emily wanted to go to the playground because it was so nice out. We dropped Elijah at baseball practice and then went to their school.




They were playing and Olivia was pretending to be a lion. Lucas yells to her, “Olivia, hurry, get back into your lair”. Lair??? Is that in the vocabulary of all 5-year olds these days?



After the playground we went to the parent baseball meeting. Ug! These coaches were not anymore efficient than the football coach. They droned on for over an hour. What they had to say could have been done in 15 minutes tops (and that would include the taking of $200 which is not all I owe). That meant home late and kids not in bed until 10pm. That made for some cranky little ones Thursday morning.

When we got home Dad had removed some snow from the driveway. (I would have preferred it was removed from the property!! lol). I took the photo this morning. Where’s my sun? It’s +20 out. (Those piles of snow are going to be there until July!!).


After the meeting things went south with Elijah. No need for details, but when he has consequences not of his liking there is hell to pay (and I’m on the receiving end). Consequently Thursday was a sad day for me and to combat that I just napped half the day (cheaper than a therapist). Got a last minute call to pick him up as he missed his ride to the gym because he was a witness to two fights and had to give a statement. He’s a shit magnet. Or maybe the one causing the shit?

I then spent the rest of the afternoon and evening crying/cleaning/crying/cleaning. Some days are like being locked in a cage with a rabid animal. Reminds me of a marriage I was once in…..

Homer got him from baseball last night and gave me a break. He got up this morning without spewing venom. We’ll see how the day goes. It is still early. I hate when the phone rings.

I love comments. They bring a smile to my face, make me laugh, make me think and are sometimes my only adult “contact”. So a little Q&A:

Kim @Snug Harbor says: Wouldn't it be great if we could just pour homemade gravy on the stuff in our lives that suck?  ~~~~~~~~~~~ Yes, it would!! In fact, I’d love to just smother our entire house in gravy so no more suck-iness could get in.

Arizaphale:  (mentioned my mopping) ~~~~~~~~~~~I cannot tell a lie. I don’t really mop six times a day. I should mop six times a day because the kids are that messy. My mopping regimen was pretty shady, but I am working on getting myself to do it at least once a day.

Holly: Also, when did you update the family photos in the sidebar? ~~~~~~~~~~ A couple days ago, but I haven’t done them all. Elijah never got a school photo this year and there’s no Sophie plus Homer’s is old. I need to fix the formatting because I don’t like the header, but can’t seem to get myself to give it my time.

Leanna: I don't remember you having curly hair. ~~~~~~~~~~ I didn’t…you remember correctly (side note: we grew up together). My hair was straight as a board and I used to get perms every now and then. My curls started a little after Emily was born, a little more after I had Olivia and after I had Lucas my hair now grows completely curly and completely shiny silver which I do a very bad dye job on at home because I’m too cheap to go to a salon.

Humble Wife:  There was no real question, but she “talks” to me the most. You should swing by her blog and say hi!


Okay…if you took the time to read to the end I’m impressed. I know how busy life is. Speaking of that… I need to hit the shower, throw in a load of wash and get my behind in the plant room. Watering is taking longer and longer each day plus I have new seeds to start and there is a lot that needs transplanted. It’s going to be a struggle to stay on top of it between now and June 1 with kids/school/animals.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Lucas has the most beautiful eyes. Lair? LOL- cracked me up!
Elijah - Gail, you have the patience of a saint with that boy. One of these days he'll get it right.
I always read your blog right to the end - it's one of my favorites!!

Stacy Davis said...

I know what you mean about the phone....Z is headed back to public school next year..and I'm scared shitless. This post will be me next year I'm sure.
Funny about the curly hair...mine is doing the same thing...I comment all the time about how much money I wasted in the 80's on perms! Now that Im old and going gray I have the hair I wanted as a is that fair??? LOL :P

Humble wife said...

Yes I read to the end! I confess that narratives are what I like the best. I am a Little House on the Prairie fan and the truth is that if she were writing today it would be similar I am sure.

I love the snow piles, the prizes in meals, playgrounds and husbands that take up the slack when times are awful...

and today~I made it to town to mail your box! Forgive me, but I have been a lingering with my bug of whatever. I sent a bit of NM in the box and pray it makes it intact...

Now I will ask a question or two:
What would you read if you could read uninterrupted, and what's your favorite food if you cook~ and what is your favorite food if someone else cooks!!

Take care my friend!