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The White House

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Day Slipped Away

Worked on that pile of paperwork yesterday morning. Everything is gone except for the green bucket which is full of 14 months worth of legal filings by the HEX that can just stay there. We both have our passions. Mine happens to be raising children (spending time with, loving on, teaching, supporting, making the best.memories.ever, all of the above and then some).


Curls gone wild. I need a trip to the hair salon, but never seem to make that time for myself.


When Lucas walked into the school from the playground I knew instantly something was off. His eyes didn’t look right. I asked if he was feeling okay and he told me that he hit his head outside. I pulled back his hood and his head was matted in blood! He never said a word to the duties. He just sucked it up.

We went into the nurse’s office and I cleaned it up with wet gauze (she was at lunch)  to see the damage. Stitches weren’t necessary so we headed home.


Poor little thing had quite a head ache. Know what he said? “Now I’m the second one to have a hole in my head”. Great. I hope he’s the last.



Olivia went on a field trip to a fire station with her Girl Scout Troop. I stayed with the little man. Grocery shopping, baseball, a couple games with  kids and BOOM the day slipped away. When meeting the needs of a family of seven there never seems to be enough time in the day to get it all done.


Stacy Davis said...

Ouch!! Poor Lucas...that looks like it hurt!! I LOL'D at his comment though...the things that come out of kids mouths'...:P

Humble wife said...

Oh brave little one!!! Oh I am so happy it was not needing stitches-but holy moley...and brave momma for handling the crisis all the while knowing the pit you must have felt in your stomach!!

btw-oh you are beautiful. You need to wear blue all the time as your eyes are magnificent and pop with the shirt. Love the curls too!!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You do have beautiful eyes and your head of curls is gorgeous. You don't give yourself enough credit!

sue in mexico mo said...

Good color on your - matches your eyes. I love curly hair. My sister has curly hair & I don't.
:-( We all need to learn to just go with what we have. I am finally learning that . . . maybe.

Leanna Hanson said...

You look the same as you did in high school!!! You haven't aged a bit!!! Odd though, I don't remember you having curly hair. I'm thinking it's because your hair was long, because I do remember it being wavey. Anyhow, be happy, you look fabulous and definately have the upper hand on many when it comes to aging... You haven't! I'm jealous of your no wrinkles! lol I am beginning to look like those wrinkly dogs, what are they called?? I don't remember, but they are all wrinkles...just like me lol

I hope Lucas doesn't have a headache anymore and that his owie heals quickly!

Janie said...

Poor little Lucas. That's a nasty cut!

Patty said...

Oh Poor Lucas! I have had kids get hurt on the kinder playground before that never say a word, then Mom calls the next day! Tell him we are there to help! HE is a toughie though, just like his momma!

anymommy said...

Ouchy. I love the self-portrait - your hair is so pretty!

Holly said...

oo, that looks painful! hope he is feeling better asap. Your hair is simply gorgeous (as are you) and I want it! I have to force my hair to curl and even then it wilts out within a a few hours.
Also, when did you update the family photos in the sidebar? They all look lovely!