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The White House

Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patty’s Day

Yesterday, Olivia finally cornered me long enough to teach her how to use the sewing machine she got for Christmas. Honestly, I can’t believe I put it off so long. What keeps us so busy?

How cute is it that she is biting her lip concentrating?


Note the stitch goes wide at the end. I had her do it over and over again working on keeping a straight line. She wanted to “make a blanket” after one try. My persistence takes some of the fun out of it. How do we balance having a good time with teaching her how to do it right? It’s a fine line for sure (and I’m too pushy and picky…just should have gone with her lead). Like I said the other day… my childhood is foggy. Do you suppose my mom was a perfectionist with me, too, or this is just how I am?


They put the seed racks near the entrance of the building for people like me. Really? Who knew I bought all this. I won’t even tell you what I just ordered. Note the pile of Zinnia packages on the left. Could fill the yard with just those. Seeds packets, planting, gardening… those are my addictions for sure….but I justify it with “I could have worse addictions and don’t”. :)


This is a box with horrible gardening notes from the last couple of years. Ug! Really…. I don’t know when I became like this, but I hate it.


I spread it all out. There are tags from perennials I am wondering if they survived the cold. Recipes that I like that should be in a recipe box. Maybe? Passwords to my kids’ online grades. Notebooks with dates of when I plant things. Several schedules of when things should be planted. A book mark from when Elijah was about six. There were phone cards, insurance cards…. so much stuff. OMG… if I died tomorrow I would be leaving my husband with an entertaining nightmare to go through. He’d be like…huh???


After looking in this box and sorting I spent too many hours deciding when I should plant things. Really? Shouldn’t I do this when it is –40* below outside? Yes, I should. So I gave up organizing, planted some cucumber seeds, transplanted more Impatiens and realized how far behind I really am.


Tonight’s dinner came from the Nome Centennial Cookbook. I used to hate to cook. Now I actually enjoy cooking, but hate my tiny kitchen (cue financial windfall…ya right!! LOL). I like to cook different things. I know we all have recipes we love and that taste good, but I would rather try a new one every night. Some are great, some leave us hungry, but life is too short to eat the same thing over and over and over.


So tonight we hate Beverly Morgan’s Cheese and Potato Casserole. Now I think Beverly is the grandmother of the Morgan that Homer used to race Iron Dog with who is the father of the guy who raced Iron Dog this year. And… I could be completely wrong, but Homer is in bed and I can’t ask him again. Aunt Sandy will have to verify!


I also made Cussy Reardon’s Meat Loaf. I met Cussy this summer…sadly at her grandson’s funeral. Cussy is my husband’s ex-wife’s half-sister’s mother. Big-small state we live in. (Big land; few people). This meatloaf was really good  and my husband ate a lot… as in we have one slice left for a sandwich tomorrow. Get this…first time I’ve made meatloaf that had zero tomatoes or ketchup. Cool! (Meatloaf reminds me of “a poor man’s dinner” and I just love it).


The hubby and I kicked back and watched a couple of movies tonight from long ago. We watched Mystic Pizza from 1988 and another one from 1993. We had some good laughs. There was some kind of rap concert in town tonight. Nothing I would enjoy, but my boys wanted to go so Homer got them tickets ($50 a piece….ack!!). I know they had a great time.

Best thing about today…Olivia wore her pajamas all day because it is Spring Break. I don’t think she has ever done that. Wish we could take them on fun vacations as I know they would remember it forever, but with five still at home (and years worth of bills from raising eight) we probably won’t ever get vacations like some people, but we sure do have some awesome memories none-the-less.

Sooo…are you Irish or just use the “holiday” as an excuse to party?


gpc said...

When I learned to sew, much later than Olivia, my home ec teacher had us practice on paper. There were lines drawn that we had to stitch along, from straight lines to circles. I remember it being kind of fun, like doing a maze, and it certainly taught me to control the machine.

We could never afford a vacation either, something I still regret. My first trip was when my daughter was 18, my son already out of the house, and she and I went somewhere together. But I was not as good as you are about making memories at home, so I salute you for that. I spent too much time feeling sorry that I was a single mom and missing the things I could not have.

Not Irish, not one bit, but made boiled dinner. I love corned beef and cabbage and always wonder why I don't do it more often. I am hoping to find the brisket on sale next week and if I do, I'm planning freeze a roast for later in the year.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That meatloaf and the potato casserole looked REALLY good. Meatloaf is one of my favorite meals! Olivia was really cute with the sewing. I hope that blossoms into something for her.

sandy said...

hi Gayle,,Mike said that you are right, Beverly Morgan, grandmother then Donna Morgan, mother then the kids David Morgan, etc that used to ride with Homer

Corey~living and loving said...

So sorry that I have been MIA. ugh...been busy...and plain out of sorts for awhile now. I did get caught up reading....just not good at commenting.

Humble wife said...

I love coming to your blog. I think it is because you share a window to several things each time you post.

Love sewing projects. My daughter and I are learning to use her new machine. We have used my old machine for years, and she got an amazing to understand it. My husband teased her and began reading the directions in it is so complicated it is seemingly like learning a new language-BUT we will figure it out!!

The cookbook-is super cool and meatloaf yum!!

Mystic Pizza-I just added that to my queue to funny!!

Oh you make me smile when I visit.

Take care


Arizaphale said...

With everything you have to deal with, you still get to watch movies with your husband. In some foolish fit I married a man who does not share my taste in movies. It is one of the greatest sorrows of my life. At least I have my one Baby Angel who is my soul mate at the movies. but will she have time to go to the pics with her mam when she has her own life?? :-(