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The White House

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Simply Sophie (and Some Shoes)


Not much on the photo front today. Getting older definitely has some quirks I’m not thrilled with. I seem to learn new ones every day. For instance last night I was going through a seed catalog. It hurt my eyes. As in literal pain when I read. I put on my husband’s reading glasses and it didn’t hurt anymore. I guess I also thought when one’s eye sight goes bad things become blurry, but it seems as though maybe it just becomes a strain in the beginning (and worse later?). Maybe those of you who have walked this road can enlighten me. As a matter-of-fact, it’s kind of hurting my eyes to look at the screen right now. Maybe this explains all the headaches I’ve been having the last couple of months? (Just so you know this is a huge painful admission for me. I’ve spent a lifetime with better than 20/20 vision and I am not ready to accept that my baby blue’s may have a problem).

The second quirk is that waking up early thing. I used to be able to sleep forever. Loved and I mean LOVED a weekend sleep-in until noon (or later). This morning I was wide awake at 6:15am. Fought it until 7:15am when I finally got up. In fact, it may just be sleeping in general is different now. If I wake in the middle of the night it often takes several hours to doze back off.

Losing my perfect vision and my astounding ability to sleep a really long time all at once is damaging to my psyche.

Look at this doll. Olivia and I went grocery shopping tonight…that turned into several hours wandering the store and getting a few things we probably didn’t need to. Pink butterfly clips being at the top of the list, but geez…how cute is she? (I just realized I’m doing some weird my-dog-is-my-baby-thing-because-I-am-not-having-anymore-babies-so-I-dress-her-up-like-a-human. Great. More damage to my already fragile state).


Shih Tzu’s are by far the best dog ever. Seriously. Mellow.  Boneless (she’s like a Jell-O blob). Quiet. Soft. Lazy. She walked over, looked at me for a minute and then flopped down like she was exhausted. I see how people end up getting more than one. (I have a friend with four).


O and I bought two rugs. Exciting stuff, I know. They are for the shoes that will be wet and muddy very soon. If…BIG IF…the kids put their icky shoes on the rugs and then put on their slippers maybe I won’t have to mop six times a day. The rugs will be easy to toss in the washer. I’m going to tell you right now training Nick and Elijah is 99.9% impossible. Emily will be 50-50. Olivia and Lucas will be told once and it will be end of story. They’ll do it every time. At this point I hadn’t rounded up all the shoes Sophie had taken, but grasp 7 people with shoes and slippers…oh, and their will be boots behind the door. Plus they have extra shoes that migrate out of their room. Shoes… always tripping over them.


We also picked up a play yard for Sophie. Seriously it was the only one at Fred Meyer. Wal-Mart didn’t have any. Two used-a-bit stores didn’t have any. Only other place to check would have been Sears, but I didn’t bother. (Oh crap…just realized I could have checked Craigslist. I’ve never shopped there before). Anyhow, I do not want to put her into a kennel,  but when I can’t interact with her (or at least have one eye on her) I need to have her contained. This house is 3200 square foot. She quietly slips away and potties. I am so over finding surprises. I’ll put down some paper, but hopefully she’ll just learn to go outside. (No, it is not going to stay at the bottom of the stairs by the kitchen in front of the door making it impossible to move. It just happens to be when I opened the box, set it up and left it for tomorrow). (She has 18.5 square feet when she isn’t out with me or the kids).


What a rag doll. She’s going to look so much better with a trim.


BTW…the boys enjoyed their concert. It cost Homer about $120 for 4 hours entertainment, but it isn’t like they go to one every day. Nick even got to go backstage with one of his buddies who has produced a CD with one of the guys that opened. Nick said attendance was way low which isn’t good for future concerts. I guess Rap isn’t big in our town.


Lori Skoog said...

Sophie is so adorable! The idea of the play yard is outstanding. The same thing happened to me with glasses. Don't be afraid to get some, at least readers from a drug store. The headaches and frustration are not worth it and you will be much happier. Sorry your temperatures are so low...what would be normal for now?
We hit 78 yesterday...which is surly not normal...but so far it is the 4th warmest weather ever. That means there were others. Scary tho.
Have a great day.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I love the little pink clips! The dog pen is perfect. That should work for training her.

Bonnie said...

If you keep posting pictures and telling us how sweet Sophie is I just may have to go get myself the same breed of dog! Seriously!!!

Is it warming up yet? Most of our snow has melted, though the river ice has yet to breakup. We are expected to get a bunch of snow today...yuck.

Arizaphale said...

I love your description of Sophie! A Jell-O Blob, hahahah. What a sweetheart. As for the eyes thing, same here. Several years of tired eyes and then the blurriness started. Glasses helped the strain but may have contributed to the early blurriness (36!!). Another friend was given a piece of string with knots in it that the optometrist told her to hold to her nose and focus on the knots one at a time. Seriously! Physio for the eyes :-D Don't know if it helped. And don't talk to me about shoes. My family would no sooner fly than take off their shoes on entering the house. As a result, when they had trashed the carpet, I chose wooden flooring for our next floor covering. At least it CAN be mopped. (although I am impressed over the 6 times a day thing!!! :-0)

Humble wife said...

Oh the muddy days. That is why I am putting tile in. We had subfloor and it gets so nasty...ugh.

Sophie is a cutie and love the pony tails she has.

have a great day