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The White House

Friday, March 16, 2012

Is It Spring?

A year or two ago I taught O & L to dump the Legos onto a blanket. So much easier to dump back into the bucket. This particular blanket happens to be kind of permanent. We cut a big chunk out of the carpet for Emily to give to (her dog) Millie to lay on. The padding underneath looked ick so I covered it up.
This morning I had a pounding head ache. It lasted most of the day (until I took a million Ibuprofen). Emily wanted to go for a walk with the dogs. Of course, I didn’t tell her no (today is the Awful Day… she leaves for a week), but let me tell you, it didn’t help the head.
We headed up Isberg. No shoulder to walk on, but not much traffic this time of day. We only saw three cars. One was a trooper who stopped and talked to us. He was looking for someone who called themselves in stuck, but gave a non-existent address. (Can you say drunk?). Another car was cool, but another lady was hauling ass on a corner and scared me. It’s slick. That’s the last walk that direction!!
The shadows were awesome.
The sky was beautiful.
Emily jogged ahead for awhile to run Millie.
Rusty pulled so hard the whole way. If he would have had a collar instead of harness he would have choked himself to death. He was literally pulling Lucas and I had to give him a break.
Hello Daisy.
WTH? I need a table for stuff and a table for eating because we can never eat here!
Whenever there isn’t school on the day Em leaves it is horrible. We dread it all day long constantly looking at the clock. It’s just sad. No one wants it to end. And then there’s all the preparation…. So what does Sophie have to do with this? She was so depressed when Em walked out the door. She laid and watched it for the longest time. We all miss her when she’s gone.
Breaded fried pork chops, mashed potatoes and lots of gravy….that’s what’s for dinner and it isn’t diet health food, but it was comfort food that was
Changed out filters in two tanks. Got the wrong size for the other two. I need to suck the gravel, but wasn’t in the mood. Olivia and I added water where needed and moved some fish. Two in her tank were really for Emily. Also, her shrimp were in Elijah’s. This is Elijah’s new fancy catfish of some sort that hides all the time.
See the dragon head right behind him?
This guy is not eating live fish like we hoped. He’s blind. We drop in flakes and he swims around sucking them in. Rocks, too, but he spits them out.
Tonight my husband worked on the upstairs. Olivia and I watered, transplanted Impatiens and mixed dirt. She loves to help. Having small hands active isn’t always good for tiny seedlings, but I want to pass on my love of gardening. I wish I could remember if my mom let me help her, if I just watched or if I didn’t care. There’s so many things I wish I’d asked her now that I can’t. Why didn’t I think of them sooner?
I have lots growing and am so far behind (seems to be a common theme every year). You can get the whole scoop at my garden blog.
I have 40 flats so far. Such a mess and I’m getting frustrated. I have to get my act together.
It is so late. We are all screwed up due to Spring Break. It’s 12:30am and the little ones and I are still up. UG!


FlowerLady said...

Dear Gayle ~ My heart goes out to all of you as you deal with this time of separation from Emily. Will there come a time when she won't have to go through this? I sure hope so.

I hope your headache is gone and that today is a better day.

You've sure got lots of seedlings and I think it's wonderful that Olivia loves to help you. More quality girl time with your youngest daughter. Those times are priceless.

Love and hugs to all of you,


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Wouldn't it be great if we could just pour homemade gravy on the stuff in our lives that suck? Everything is just better with gravy on it!

Humble wife said...

Well my winning post is up for the 2nd Cookbook giveaway. I think YOU~should swing on over and see who won!!

By the way, I love how involved you are in your family and the things you all do. Instead of getting your act together, I see a family that is living life together. I think you are doing wonderful and I love my visits here.