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The White House

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Continuing On…


Yesterday turned into the continuation of the day before…. more Girl Time With Emily. We left home at 11:30am with Elijah. Checked on some driving classes and then dropped him off. Next stop was Barnes & Noble. Em had a gift card to use up. She went from picking out two books to getting a Nook Color by combining the card with money she’s been saving with money from my pocket :) Now I need to get her set up with the library otherwise she is going to bankrupt me wanting to buy books!


Next stop was Sports Authority. She helped me pick out of new pair of shoes for the gym that she got me to sign up at. Em’s on a mission to get her mom back to feeling better.


Ran into Petco to get new filters for the tanks and to Old Navy to return Olivia’s shirt she didn’t want. I’m telling you, we were on a roll. We stopped into Food Factory for my last meal. Ha…just joking, but I probably shouldn’t eat out anymore if I’m going to do this healthy journey.


It was back to Wal-Mart for guinea pig food, shoelaces and work out clothes (yuck). Exciting stuff. We picked up Elijah, hit Sam’s Club for groceries and then he drove us home.


Somehow that turned into an all day affair! We got home in time for dinner and settled into Survivor. Colton has to go. He is about the most arrogant jerk they have ever had… far worse than Russell ever was.

Have you seen the 2011 Footloose? It follows the old one to a T. Willard is hilarious. Well…again another lazy start to the day. This Spring Break has gotten our schedules thrown completely off. Sounds like the children are moving so I’d better run.


FlowerLady said...

Girl time is important between mother and daughter.

DH and I agree, Colton has to go. It's hard to believe anyone is following his leading. Sheesh!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I'm excited for you and the working out! It should help you to feel better. Keep us updated with your progress.

Patty said...

I agree about Colton, but I have to say that at this point he pretty much deserves to win. I mean how all these morons follow his lead is beyond me. "we are going to vote you out" "We have to all say we will go to tribal instead of the girls for us to go" then they all vote to go. I mean idiots are us. Worst season yet in my opinion.
Great pictures Gayle!