The White House

The White House

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Season Ends

Last night was Lucas’ final basketball game. I’m really going to miss watching him play. It put the biggest smile on his face.



Fast break to the hole!


Nick, Emily and Olivia came to watch the final game. We will not mention who has a genetic defect that causes him to continually put himself first with no regard to the feelings of others and was not with us. We will not mention where that defective gene came from, but know the battle to help him through is affliction rages on.


Practicing the high percentage backwards shot. :)


He was having so much fun running in circles trying to get away from Eliyah… they play on the same soccer team.



There’s that tenacious defense.




Above all… good sportsmanship.


It snowed more yesterday and last night. I believe it is snowing right now. Nick just went out and shoveled the walk to the bus stop (thigh deep wallowing for the little ones this morning… before the storm is over we could get a total of 18 inches). He was going to plow with the 4-wheeler, but it won’t start. We discussed putting the space heater on it and arrived at the conclusion that we’ll just wait for Loader Operator to come home and he’ll go ride the snow-go instead. :) Life’s too short to work too hard. Right?

I had an insane splurge buying seeds  yesterday. They were 50% off at Fred Meyer. I couldn’t help myself. My theory (just go with me on this) is that for 90 cents I am not out a lot of  money if they don’t grow/last in the garden and if they do I get to show off a new flower. Speaking of flowers… I need to get in the plant room and water. Later all!

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Lucas is so much fun to watch playing B-ball. He is going to be one hell of a player!

Sure wish I was getting that 18" of snow. :-(