The White House

The White House

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the WHITE house

I forgot about some of the photos I took yesterday of Millie and I outside.
I shoveled some snow away from the house and around my truck.
She played in the snow.
In town the snow was coming down and there was no contrast making it really hard to see (plus water droplets kept freezing on the windshield). Everything looked so flat and I was glad to get home safely.
Olivia had a quesadilla and fruit. The rest of us had tacos and fruit before heading off to the last basketball game (that I blogged about below). (Strawberries were on sale for $2 a pint… I think they are usually around $4 a pint. Kids loved the treat).
Does fruit go fast in your house? Bananas are impossible for me to keep with seven of us. (Do you know how many Nick and Elijah can eat in a day?). I bought 15 bananas yesterday afternoon and there are 4 left on the table. They’ll be gone in the morning. Produce is so expensive here. My kids would love to live where it is fresh and cheap(er). We eat a lot of bulk canned fruit, but I do try to have some on the table when it looks good.
Today I did some work in the plant room, but not enough. I’ve really been a slacker these last few days. Not sure what my deal is. Just tired of doing, doing, doing all the time. I transplanted 22 Impatiens, but there are many more that need done. Plus stacks of seed packets calling my name.
Sophie totally cracked me up today in the snow. She tunneled along almost getting lost in its depth. Didn’t phase her at all, but it was +27 out so I’m sure that is why. She is awfully hairy, too.
Elijah plowed the yard after school today without anyone even mentioning it. He asked me if he could. I’d like to think he felt bad about blowing off his brother’s game last night and this was his way of saying he was sorry, but more than likely he wanted to drive my 4-wheeler (which after the last two times of it being returned with something broken doesn’t happen much anymore). The snow was so deep and way too much for that little plow, but he sure did a lot of clean-up. It was really coming down on him.
Picked up a new candy thermometer (found my other one broken in the drawer) so I could finally make some yogurt. Anyone who goes through a lot in smoothies should be doing this. It is so crazy easy and for $3.69 in milk (one gallon) I get about $12 worth of yogurt. Can’t beat that. It’s wrapped and in the oven right now and will be ready to go in the morning.
Well, it’s late. Nick went to bed at 9pm. He pulled an all nighter last night and managed to stay away all day. He wanted to get his schedule straightened out…he’s slowly got his days/nights flipped. All the school kids hit the sack early as well so I’d better shove off and do the same. Sure hope that was the last of the snow…. it’s making it hard for me to “Think Spring”.


sue in mexico mo said...

Is it easier to get everyone to bed earlier now that you have indoor stairs? How much are you loving them?

RottenMom said...

I could never buy enough fruit. Never! It's pretty expensive during the winter months here, but I buy it anyway. We don't do chips or junk food, so spending a little extra on fresh fruit is better than spending it on junk. Strawberries were $2 here too, I bought 4 of them and they are soooooo good!

My dream is to live in Florida so I can have an Orange tree in my backyard! Some day!

anymommy said...

Fruit! Yes! You hit a nerve. We buy so much fruit. And oh my gosh your sweet Lucas with the ball in that picture at the top of the last post. Darling.