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The White House

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Snow

When the age span of your children is 14 years it is not too often you can get them all in one room doing the same thing, but Sunday night here they all were. (Olivia was sitting at the table). They watched a movie while I made everyone eggs, bacon, potatoes, toast and smoothies for dinner.


I completely forgot to mention Saturday that I coached Lucas’ soccer game. Loved it! (I love competition). I was so pleased… I actually taught some game strategy and “mark up” clicked with a couple of the boys. Lucas got hurt in the first half (head slammed to the floor…not even sure how it didn’t knock him out). He played goalie the second half. Emily took video, but I haven’t even looked at it yet. Anyhow, we won 1-0. It was very exciting!

Last night Lucas had his last basketball practice. Tonight will be his final game. I’m going to miss watching him play as I’m sure he is going to miss playing. We do love our basketball!


Our winter storm warning started last night at six and goes until tomorrow I think. We could have 40 mph winds and up to 11 inches of snow. We woke to at least six here at the house if not more. 

There was a bit of excitement, too. The girls were yelling at me to get the camera because there was a moose in front of the house. I fiddled with changing the lens and ran up in time to see Millie hot on the heels of the moose chasing it across the road. I am so glad she comes when she is called… and I took a photo of her jumping the snow berm coming back only to now discover I didn’t have a memory card in the camera. *sigh*

We waited and waited for the bus that never came. I finally had to shovel the truck out and drive the kids to school. This is when it was snowing and blowing.


We had to stop for fuel on the way. $4.40 a gallon. Yuck!~ The pump was messed up. It took five minutes to get 3 gallons so I left.


Back home we are having a calm before it hits again (or so they say it will). I’m really indecisive. There sits a very nice loader with the operator 500 miles away.


There sits the 4-wheeler with the operator sitting in a nice warm house. (Check out how deep the snow is just to plow out of the tent). The 4-wheeler is not meant to plow snow this deep. It would take hours to do the yard in the whipping wind. I can’t seem to convince myself it is worth it. My truck has 4-wheel drive, Nick can just stay home and we really don’t need any company. Maybe the snow can wait for the loader operator? We’ll see how I feel after a few more cups of coffee.


I seriously could have done without this “one last storm”. It’s going to take forever for all this snow to melt!

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Funny how one persons "Oh Ick" would be another persons "Yippee!" In snow deprived Chicago, I'd give a lot to have that one last snow storm and make some much needed money this winter. Only 3 measurable snows this year is killing us. :-(