The White House

The White House

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Posting A Little Earlier

We’ll see how posting a little earlier goes….I’m thinking this is a little too early. It’s 5:00pm…still lots of day left.

You know that cute little boy whose photo I am always posting? What do you think of this? This is his Daddy…gee, think there is a family resemblance?


I worked on the walk-in closet and “bedroom” upstairs. Funny the things I have such as this hat box (?). I received it full of gifts at a baby shower….for Nick 19 years ago. OMG I have to let things go!! Inside I found an outfit I bought for my g-niece Zoey and never mailed. She’s now one.


Found things like this photo album/box that I bought on clearance to fill and give as a gift. I’m quite sure I’ve had it 7-8 years now. Lots of frames with photos, too, waiting for finished walls. (I know this is hoarder-esque, but really it would all be up or put to use if I didn’t live in a construction zone).


This is the big find….cards from a baby shower given to me by my son’s hockey team seven years ago for the birth of Olivia. I found two gift cards for Fred Meyer and when I checked online they were both still good. At the time I had a newborn and kids 5, 7, 8, 11, 11 and 13 I was raising. Apparently, I tucked them away and forgot (imagine that). This also means I haven’t cleaned the closet shelves in 7 years. Oh my!!


After Olivia’s bath Em put fake nails on her and then I painted Em’s nails. Girlie stuff.


Closet with stacks of t-shirts. Some day I’ll do something with them. For now they went into a tote (like so many other things). I saved one from my softball playing days because I liked the logo.


Found an old drink chip…I was nine in 1976! It isn’t even Young’s anymore. A collector’s item, I suppose.



I cringed when I saw them playing. My first thought was no messes!! They cleaned it up. :)


One side of the closet now filled with crafty stuff, sewing and knitting totes.


After stepping over them about a dozen times Olivia says, “Mom, are we in your way”. No, honey, not at all.


Other random stuff…a set of Cray-pas given to me in 1991 (yes, that’s 21 years ago)  by the lady I did my student teaching under in Spokane, WA. I’ve “saved” them for a special project and they’ve actually only be used one time by Nick for something in high school. (I can’t even believe there is one missing). Seriously, how stupid is that? Why have things like this if you aren’t going to use them?


This is the last time I made scrapbook pages…five years ago. How is it I had time then with all the kids and I don’t have time now with less kids and fewer activities? I hope my craft room is done by next winter.


I have pages and pages of flowers Em and I picked and dried, but never used.


Mukluks I don’t wear because my parents had them made for me as a gift when I was in high school by our neighbor….all of them have passed away so somehow I’m “hanging on” to them by keeping these new. Goodness, I think I need therapy. Also, 24 year old embroidery floss perfectly stored from my college days when I used to do cross-stich. It’s been packed across this country and kept in mint condition. I gave it to Emily to make friendship bracelets. Agreeing I need therapy, aren’t you? LOL


My brother Larry made this toy box for Nicholas when he was little. It’s pretty big and isn’t being used so we are going to repurpose it out in the animal yard in some way this summer.


Another side of the closet. I have moved my scrapbooking stuff down stairs, back up stairs and now into the closet. I hope the next time I move them it will be into a finished craft room where I can actually use the millions of dollars worth of stuff in those drawers.


And the third side. I guess it is a good thing I have this huge closet to put this stuff in. It will keep it out of the construction zone and sawdust.


Well that is that. There are still quite a few things up in “the area”, but I’m really burnt out on it. Besides the kitchen is a disaster and I have five kids wanting dinner (sure wish there was pizza delivery way out here). Laundry is done for the day. Need to throw Lukey in the tub and I should make my seed orders. I really could just nap!!

(So how’s that for a walk through my baggage and psyche?) LOL


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

OMG - You need an intervention! LOL! I want to come to your house and just play with all the cool things you found in your closets. You should take all those neat tee shirts and make a quilt.

Lori Skoog said...

I love some of your finds....artifacts!

Stacy Davis said...

I totally have that same tower of scrapbooking stuff....Even Mike just rolled over and looked at it and said "wow..that IS the same tower..." LOL :P

What are you going to do with the t-shirts? Make a quilt?

A lot of great finds...those mukluks are awesome..I think I would have a hard time wearing them out too.

Martha in PA said...

Getting rid of memories is hard. I am working on that too! I laughed at the floss, we have two maybe three full boxes like that from the 80s when I used to do cross stitch. Wish I would make the time again!
The Littlest Pet Shops look familiar. I think Tara has finally outgrown them.
You are doing great, making progress!
It is hard to find a right time to blog. I don't have time on normal mornings when we are out the door by 7:30, but by evening, I'm too tired to write. You still post far more often than me, any you've got a house full! Kudos!