The White House

The White House

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I have to figure out a way to fit blogging into my bedtime ritual. (Haven’t I said this before?). When I start my day out on the computer I tend to spend too much time here! I also need to re-do the layout, but that’s for another day.

You know that I’ve been going through our things, getting rid of stuff and getting ready to frame some new bedroom walls. Last week when I was half done this is what my room looked like! (Now imagine the chaos I had when I started). Yesterday morning the Little Ones took all my progress and ran back forty-two steps. (It was way worse than this).


Spent my morning cleaning it all up and ended with the threat that if they don’t put it away when they are doing playing with it, it is out.the.door. You know..when they were 1 &3 or even 3 & 5 I loved having them in my room. Now at 5 & 7 it’s time for them to take their mess to their own space where I can just close the door!!


Here is what is left of 7 totes of toys (there is still one more to empty!). It’s going to be such a good day when we rip up this carpet and sheetrock. So yuck!


In typical fashion they were too cute to stay mad at. :) When I was cleaning in the plant room they set up a restaurant and served me the most delicious (plastic) meals.


When I got bored with mixing potting soil I went back to the emptying of the used-to-be-the-living-room-turned-into-storage-and-will-be-Emily’s-new-room space. I found this photo of our handsome boys in what turned out to be their last year of hockey. I miss Elijah’s long silky hair.

001 - Copy

I also did a load of laundry and found a new shirt Nick made Friday. He cracks me up. Dread locks, tye die…. there’s a hippie amongst us. He does a really awesome job with the spirals and colors, don’t you think? Now he needs to get into screening letters and using colors from nature…maybe it could be a business venture. Or not.

003 - Copy

Spotted this gal (guy?) out the front window.

006 - Copy

Stepped out and gave a holler. I got a glance back. Emily’s poor greenhouse collapsed when we all forgot to shovel it. Live and learn.

007 - Copy

Olivia had a birthday party to attend last night. I so didn’t want to leave the house, but what can you do? I had intended to go shopping with Lucas, but left my wallet on the table at home so we stayed. Here they are playing musical chairs. They had a really good time.

008 - Copy

Ending the evening watching Twilight….is it the third one? or the second? where Belle is pregnant. I was not captivated by any means. The wolves are just a little too fake for me and it was pretty slow. Best part: the last two seconds.

Yep…already wasted too much time today. We slept in until 9:30am!! Emily, Nick and Elijah will all be rolling in throughout the day….time to putt around and get something done.

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