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The White House

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Aching Bones

Yesterday was the first day, in two weeks, that I had enough energy to do anything beyond what is required….cooking, appointments, homework. I actually spent some time cleaning.

You all are aware the chaos remodeling has created in my home to the point where it’s making me very unhappy. While I can’t build, I sure can throw stuff away. :)

Plant room to the left, bathroom in the middle, “kitchen” to the right. In the middle is the scaffolding that is for reaching the ceiling (I think it is a 12ft ceiling?). It’s become storage for tools and electrical stuff. It’s just a big mess as far as I’m concerned. See the basketball shooting game and ping pong table to the right? Sure would be nice to use those! And, honestly, could we get rid of the wrestling mat already?


What doesn’t fit on the scaffolding gets thrown underneath.


I was able to get most of it taken care of. I need help rolling it out away from the wall to get the rest.


I’ve been looking at tools for the last four years (the first four we weren’t remodeling). I sure wish Homer had time to put up his shop so these things could move out there.


I think that clutter grows while we sleep.


Nick needs to carry my blue bucket upstairs and I need to empty the drawers and then I can move on to my shelving. Almost time to start seeds…and I haven’t even made my orders! :(


Nick’s been gone for a couple of days helping a family get their pipes thawed. I attempted a family meeting the other day to enlist the help of my children. Nick was to be in charge of wood and snow removal. Yesterday I hauled in three loads, split it smaller as it isn’t the greatest wood, stacked, swept and mopped. I wasn’t sure when he’d be home and wanted it done now. (The only other thing I asked was they clean their rooms…..maybe if I start slow I can ease them in to actually doing something. Emily and Elijah looked like a bomb went off at their end of the house. *sigh*).

There’s Rusty relaxing by the fire. So far so good… it seems like he is going to make it.


I paused on the walk upstairs to enjoy the beauty of the sun glistening on the trees even if it was awfully cold. We still do not have inside stairs and I don’t see progress towards that anytime soon. I’ve survived through almost four complete winters. My give a shit is broken and I’ve accepted the fact that I live in a “duplex”.


This morning Millie wanted to play with Sophie.


She thought she’d sit just out of reach!


“Okay, maybe I’ll say hi”. If you are wondering about Millie’s chain she is tied up at night or when we are gone for the safety of the house. She gets to run outside quite a bit and I’ve started letting her spend some time loose in the house in the day now that she’s calming down. She really can’t have the run of things… she extremely hairy and actually would do fine exclusively outside (as she was for the last year), but I felt she was lonely so I brought her in. We have an extra large crate, but it’s still too cramped. She much prefers to stretch out. (I gave her a big brushing yesterday and she looks so much better).


And this little fur ball is bringing a lot of joy to our home.


In other stuff…. Olivia is not getting better. She still has no voice and feels awful. I hope the medicine starts working today. Elijah isn’t complaining about his chest so I’m guessing it feels better. Emily is almost done with her project. We’ll put the finishing touches on it tonight. Lucas had a basketball game last night that I missed to stay home to care for Olivia. That killed me! I rarely miss anything my kids do. He came  home very excited, said he had fun and made three baskets. I’ve decided it is time to do something about my arthritis. My body hurts all.the.time. like I’ve been beaten by baseball bats. (If I could only move South). I despise swallowing pills, but I am getting to where I can barely function. I know exercise would help, but until I ease some of the pain that isn’t happening. Any relief suggestions?

Time to get moving… the kitchen is a disaster and there isn’t a clean dish to be had. What I need is a big cash windfall, my house completed and a maid. LOL Don’t we all?


sandy said...

YEA RUSTY !!!! ps, nothing helps arthritis,,,when i have to i take just 1 regular asprin ,, and when you get enough sunshine thru the windows it helps to lay in it and feel the heat (although it may be March before there is any heat in the sun)

Lori Skoog said...

So glad that Rusty is doing well...and good to see Millie inside seeing that you have had such outrageous temperatures. I don't know how you do it.

Stick to your guns. The kids should be able to clean their own rooms. Remind them of that when they ask you to do something for them.

With Homer working so much, what if someone else put the stairs in for you? That has to be the worst inconvenience of all. I wish you luck with getting that project done.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Ok, I've been a lurker for quite a while. You bear a resemblance to my daughter for one thing and I just love reading your blog. Just kinda makes me feel better when it's zero here and I see that it's 40 below at your house. Believe me, you have my utmost respect...I don't know how you manage in such COLD....and now I find out you have arthritis on top of it all. OMG...what a woman you are! I have arthritis as well as Fibromyalgia and have found that Aleve works about the best as far as OTC meds. But you have to be careful or it will tear your stomach up. (Aspirin) Just make sure you take it after eating something. I'm so glad about Rusty healing up and I hope that neighbor gets what's coming to him one day soon. Lucas is so darn cute....out there playing basketball. Emily is beautiful. But Olivia ... I feel really attached to. She looks enough like my granddaughter, they could be sisters. I love that sweet smile on her face.
I'll try and comment more often....cause I know it does make one feel better to know that someone is out there reading. I was going to comment when you posted about your moose roast...YUM, I've had moose before and was surprised that it was so good. Kind of reminded me of an English cut roast. But I got sidetracked and didn't comment. (a problem I seem to have) Oh and your EX from hell....I have one of those too. Pfffft is all I can say to that. Karma will get 'em. LOL Take care. Feel better soon. Tell Olivia to get well soon also.