The White House

The White House

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dishes All Day

Yesterday I seriously contemplated camping in front of the fire all day. It would be so easy to do….


Instead I tackled the kitchen. Look, I found my table!! :) I also ran the dishwasher three times and washed several sinks by hand. Amazing how bad things got while comforting my sick child (who is better and back at school today)


Side note….the sun is shining through my front door and onto my computer screen. That hasn’t been possible for months! Yay to days getting longer, the sun getting warm and Spring coming!

I really dislike homework. If it was up to me educating would happen at school. Period. Our evenings and weekends would be for family time and learning life skills. (Or I would completely homeschool so I could make the decisions and use our time more wisely). Since no one asks my opinion I spend some time teaching each night. I sat down and did all the math problems in Emily’s packet so I could check her answers (she struggles in math and had quite a few wrong). By writing them out it makes it easier to show her what she did wrong in her calculations so she can correct them.














Millie is so nosy.


Looks like Sophie is, too. Dogs…always looking for a dropped snack!


I saw two moose on the side of the road coming back from picking up Lucas. I pulled over for photos, but couldn’t get out of the car. The rest of the traffic wasn’t as thrilled as I was and they were flying by so the photo is a little “smoky” from the window.


Nick went to get something out of the lazy susan (something my next kitchen will NOT have) and was frustrated. That led to him organizing it while Emily and I rearranged the counter top before dinner.


I forgot to take a photo, but here’s a shot mid-meal…. moose steak and sundried tomato alfredo penne pasta.


The rest of the evening was spent kicking it with kids and my entire morning was spent going over Emily’s project checking for typos so I could print it and drop it to school (she gets extra credit for turning it in a day early). Shoot…this day is about over….3:15pm….and I haven’t accomplished anything. Heading up to shower and do laundry now…..


Janie said...

I really like the smoky moose shot. That fire does look inviting. I wouldn't mind sitting in front of it for a while.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Ok, you just hit on my biggest pet peeve - homework. I know SOME homework may be necessary but I always felt my kids had WAY too much homework, especially in grade school. It will be the happiest day in my life (and my kids) when we NEVER have to look at another stinking math problem ever again. That said, your moose steaks always look yummy!

Patty said...

OMG.. I hate my Lazy Susan too! Such a waste of space!