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The White House

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Here Comes the Sun

A little more sunlight each day. Love it! It’s official…this was the 5th coldest January on record since 1904 with an average temperature of –26.9* below zero. Guess what the temperature at my house was today? It was a +19*!! What a change from the last two months.

February sun

Soon that sun will be high enough in the sky that it will actually light up my yard. I can’t wait!


Somewhere under all that snow is my lawn, flower gardens and pool. Looking forward to seeing them, too!


I spent all morning pouring over Emily’s project to make sure it was ready to print and turn in. That left me with very little time do get anything done around the house. Oh my…look at the condition she left her room in!! It’s been one of those weeks, but in quick fashion I cleaned it up for her.


It’s got to be much more enjoyable to come home to a clean space! Emily wants to dig out all the stuffed animals and split them with her siblings hence the small pile on the bed. There has to be another 100 or more in some totes…. We still need to devise some cute storage solutions for purses, scarves, etc., and window treatment, but it is getting there.


The other day when I cleaned downstairs I also painted doors. I hung her door and changed the door knob (look closely, it’s backwards).


I like working in Em’s room. She has the surround sound so I can crank the tunes. One of my favorite things to do….hang out with her blasting music and dancing. We’re fun like that. :)


I also hung this door in the bathroom. Finally! Now I just need to paint the trim and get my husband to put it up. I’ll clean out the cabinets, get new shower curtains/rugs and the bathroom will be like new!


There’s our afternoon moon. I sure don’t mind pausing to take photos when it is warm out.


Lucas had soccer practice tonight. He has so much fun and is a really good listener (for which I am so thankful because there are several kids on the team who fall into the ADD-I-Am-Not-Listening category who get quite annoying after awhile).



Don’t you love the red shirt and brown/blue Hawaiian shorts? That’s how we roll. His older brother Nick always wore pink shorts while playing. Anyone can wear black! LOL



Nick’s putting some miles on the snow machine and on his way home now. It’s 10:45pm so I’m looking forward to his safe arrival so I can go to bed. Tonight a moose ran out in front of the truck on our way home from soccer. Nothing like a 1200 pound animal appearing from the darkness to send shooting pains to the heart! Haven’t had that happen in awhile and hope it doesn’t again anytime soon. The scare led to a big conversation with Lucas about what would happen if we actually hit it and would I die. And if I died would he…and if he didn’t how would he get home…. interesting observations from a 5-year old. I made sure he knew his phone number so he could tell it to help when they arrived. That seemed to make it all okay.

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I like the picture of the sun hitting the trees. Enjoy your mini heat wave up there. I love that you hung those doors all by yourself. I am so impressed with you today. You earned today's SNAP award, as in, hey, I hung those doors all by myself! SNAP!