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The White House

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I love Family

This little guy is the cutest thing ever, don’t ya think? :) I had to giggle when I saw the background… doesn’t it look like my husband is carrying a purse? Or should I say, murse (man-purse)? It’s really his wet swim stuff in a duffle.
Today was my great niece Jadyn’s birthday party at Hamme Pool. This is where we all went swimming. Yes, me, too. With all my girth I put on that suit and got in the pool. I figure life is too short to be miserable. Plus, Olivia and Lucas deserve to have the same Mommy that the other three got when they were little. Side note: I heard a child “drowning” to my right and went to help. She hurled chunks in the pool. I immediately got a life guard which resulted in lots and lots of people sitting on the side for half an hour while the pool cycled (or something like that).  I suppose anyone else would have left it to the chlorine to kill…I could not. Ewww!! Another side note: For the last four years “something” happens on Jadyn’s birthday. Her dad has been in a couple car accidents and this year when they went to dinner the power was out at the first restaurant. The second restaurant was out of ice cream. Then the puking incident. And she keeps on smiling….
Isn’t she just precious?! She’s now 11 and very happy about that.
Tisha and Grandma Debbi were helping the kids get their food/drinks. Travis was scooping, I was taking photos and helping…it was really efficient…best work to date! :) Yes…even the HEX was there and helped, but since I was the only one with a camera…
My beautiful Emily.

This is Jadyn’s dad Travis talking to Grandpa Hutch.
I am so glad I got in the pool. I think that made the whole thing a lot more fun…. I usually just sit and watch while Homer swims with the kids. Just a great time!
She’s such a little darling (even if she pees in my house). So soft and fluffy and fun.
Ha…Lucas was holding her still for a photo….she’s wondering what he’s up to!
The rest of the day? Olivia made it to two days of school although swimming really zapped her. Not completely better for sure. Elijah made a successful week of school and I only had one meeting with him today. Nick split wood and helped me at the house. Just a really good day! Tomorrow is a soccer game and shopping… got to start cooking up food for the Super Bowl and Nick/Cody birthday party. Fun times!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The pool party looked like fun. Isn't it nice when the stars align and you have a great day?

anymommy said...

She is adorable. I love how your family goes all out for birthdays!

Arizaphale said...

Sounds like a great week! I remember having to get out of the pool in the UK when something OTHER THAN CHUNKS was seen floating in the pool!!!! I thought chlorine killed everything but apparently not!!