The White House

The White House

Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Sunday

It was Super Sunday (as Lucas called it) and we were combining the football game with Nick and Cody’s 19th birthdays.

Homer fired up the loader and moved a lot of snow so our guests would have some place to park. It’s just been too cold for me to run the 4-wheeler.




While he was outside I was inside frantically cooking… I wanted to get everything done so I could watch the game. Here’s what we had….
Bam Bam Potato Salad

002 - Copy

Party Pinwheels


Bacon Cheddar Deviled Eggs


Veggies and Dip


Snacks, kiwi and grapes


Hot Wings


Honey BBQ Wings


Seven Layer Dip II


Meatball Appetizers


Chicken Enchiladas (two pans)


Tisha made some guacamole dip


Brown Sugar Smokies


Cheese Dip


And guests…. they were the best part. Lucas, John, Bridgette, Nick, Jared….


Elijah, Nick…


Justise, Olivia, Tisha, Jadyn, Homer…


Travis (Tisha)


Kevin (Nick, Jared)


Cody, Andrew…


Grandpa Hutch, Grandma Debbi and the rest of the house full. We had so much fun…even threw a few games of ping pong!


Jan. 29th was Cody’s birthday and Feb. 7th will be Nick’s. It’s their 19th…. I still see them as ten! Since we were already having a house full for the game we decided to celebrate their birthdays. We had a feeling the HEX wasn’t going to let Emily come (in 20 years there hasn’t been a holiday/birthday that he hasn’t cast some kind of negative vibe on)… but getting everyone together two weekends in a row is tough…people are busy. What kind of message is he sending to his kids when I let her attend the WSM’s Christmas party on my week, but she isn’t allowed come a mile down the road to have cake with her brother for his birthday? We originally asked for the whole day without response so we then asked for just an hour. Nope. The wicked in his heart trumps any sense of family a normal person would have. The best part? She sat home all day doing nothing and so wanted to be here. There are years of stories like this that my kids haven't forgotten….

I baked two cheese cakes for something different. We had strawberries for topping.




Our temperatures warmed up considerably. It’s +27* here on the hill right now. Last night the weather change made for an interesting line in the clouds.


Well, now it is time for clean-up. I was entirely too tired last night to even think about it…it was a full day for sure.


Humble wife said...

Looks like a Super Sunday to me too! I love that the birthday boys seem to have the same look of amusement on their faces.

The food looks wonderful! Makes me very hungry...oh I would have been back several times for seconds, thirds and well until it was gone!!


Lori Skoog said...

That was some serious feast! And quite a crowd!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Happy Birthday Nick! Your parties always look fun and the food looks awesome. I pinned a bunch of it. And really, they couldn't let Emily come down for a lousy hour? That really sucks. Some people need to grown up.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I looked longingly at that picture of potato salad and wanted to dive, head first, into it. YUM. The rest of the pictures were topping on the cake, so to speak. Now I'm hungry. Looks like a great time was had by all....except for Emily. I felt so bad for her. Karma will soon fix things up...tell her not to lose her faith. You are such a great mom...look at all these wonderful memories you have made. Many more good ones to come! God Bless.

Arizaphale said...

Awesome feast!!!! Cooking fills me with anxiety so I am SUPER impressed at all the different stuff you made! My head is spinning. What a great day.And yeah on the HEX :-(....what is that about???????? I thank God my ex and I have our daughter's best interests at heart. He will reap his reward later. Happy birthday to the birthday boys!!