The White House

The White House

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Did Have Photos

I guess I did have a few photos from Sunday after all. That’s the table I spent 3 hours on (and never finished). Cold, stress and some other things just have us all so run down. I must say I’m feeling pretty good so far today (for the first time in a couple weeks). We were all in bed by 9:30pm last night…some even earlier. My stomach was a mess and I just knew I would be down and out this morning, but I’m not!! :) Olivia had a long, painful night. It broke my heart every time she cried, “Mommy, it hurts”.



Soaked in the tub, hair dried and asleep by 7pm. Who knew she’d wake up Monday so sick with a smile like that? She’s such a sweetheart.


Okay…let’s see what we can accomplish today?! :)

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Humble wife said...

Oh your kids are so cute! I am sorry that she turned so sick-as yes the photo is so cute!